Wednesday, 28 February 2018

V/A - Nasty Vinyl Sucks! EP 1994

This slab was a freebie in Plastic Bomb fanzine issue #8, Winter 94/95 and in co-operation with label Nasty Vinyl they released this nice record with old german classics & filled with current time stuff. Müllstation opens the musicbox with a heartfelt Merry Christmas everywhere what everyone learns in kindergarten, cool punk version. From Portland are Tattooed Corpse, here with a loud fat trash stomper, very good. Then one from my favourite Hanover band: Cretins and 'Walter' can be heard here and the best track on this little duttie, fine Geschrammel with great lyrics, Yeah!! Then La Cry from Hamburg with their melodic punk sound. They have shown on numerous albums what they can and punk from the Waterkant is still a good choice in my opinion. K.U.K. from Sweden celebrate a cool hardcore beast: loud, fast, coarse.. perfect. Then Beton Combo, everybody knows them, who not should search for their records, each a hit and finally Lost Lyrics from Kassel with a snotty 1:34 goodie. Overall, a respectable mix of old and new tracks and after ten minutes, press the repeat button.

1.Fröhliche Weihnacht Überall - MÜLLSTATION
2.Voodoo Hate Monster - TATTOOED CORPSE
3.Walter - CRETINS
4.No Sun Today - LA CRY
6.Fair Fick - BETON COMBO
7.Nasty Without Vinyl - LOST LYRICS

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