Wednesday, 28 February 2018

XUTOS & PONTAPÉS - Toca E Foge 7'' 1982

It's time to pay tribute to a band which makes records since 1981 and I steal all info from wiki because I'm a lazy sack but I just want to mention that this second single is an absolute Hammerteil, two beautiful melodic punky rock songs they recorded here in which the flip surpass the A-side a lot, as ingenious as my favourites UHF:

Xutos & Pontapés are a Portuguese rock band, which got together 1978 in Almadal, four years after the Carnation Revolution restored most freedoms to the country. They started off in the local punk scene and set the trend – singing rock tunes in Portuguese. After three decades of studio and live albums, Xutos & Pontapés continue to be considered Portugal's top rock band, still influencing new generations of Portuguese bands. In 2004, then Portuguese President Jorge Sampaio granted the band a state decoration for twenty-five years of career achievements in the music industry. On 26 September 2009, they played in Lisbon to a packed football stadium, Estádio Do Restelo, to commemorate their 30th anniversary. They played for three hours – each hour marking a decade of their steadily successful career. It was the first time seven screens were used on stage in Portugal. Current members are most of the original line up Tim (bass + vocals), João Cabeleira (guitars), Kalú (drums) and Gui (sax + vocals). Fans refer to the band as Xutos; and Xutos is pronounced 'shootoosh'. Both 'Xutos' and 'Pontapés' are words in reference to types of kicks, but with a twist because the first word when spelled "Chutos" is referred for kick on a ball or object, but here used as "'Xutos", slang for heroin injection, while 'Pontapés' for kicks mainly on people. Founding member and guitarist Zé Pedro died on 30.November 2017, aged 61 (R.I.P.) - One of the surviving bands of the Portuguese rock explosion of the 80s, Xutos & Pontapés have a history of more than twenty years.

I think their sound inspires and pleases you the way I do, Breakfast time.

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