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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Sons Of Spartacus 2002

Angelic Upstarts first regular slab after Bombed Out (1991) is one I had been waiting for a long time and when Captain Oi!/Knock Out Records finally released it, went it immediately into my hands. Mensi (vocals), Tony (guitars), Gaz (bass) and Lainey (drums) have recorded fifteen solid mid-tempo anthems with catchy and memorable riffs and lyrically represent another reckoning with the injustices of the system from the perspective of the working class. It's clear that they don't reach the power and aggressiveness of the Eighties classics and I'm usually skeptical when old bands try to gain a foothold again after a long time or record a few songs out of boredom, but I can say: Spartacus is okay throughout, the band takes a stand as one is used to from Mensi & Co. and continue to step on the toes of many. The tour that followed was also an experience and the fans came in large numbers. Fazit: the tenth album is convincing and a typical Upstarts record. 👍

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

ANGELIC UPSTARTS - 2.000.000 Voices 1981

Always an excellent choice is the sound of the Angelic Upstarts and I chose their third album because it includes lots of classics. Formed in South Shields 1977 by Mensi (vocals), Mond (guitar), Steve (bass) and Decca (drums) and they're still active. I have all their stuff I think and when I'm really pissed off with all their music bring me back to the ground and my head only turns half as fast. Have seen them here in the excess years ago and is was galactic. Anyway, the decent mix of fast punk, reggae and ballads makes this album worth listening to and not for nothing it reached #32 of the UK Indie charts. We're Gonna Take The World.... then let's get up!

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Classics Live 1991

Everything is said about the Angelic Upstarts and all their records a brilliant. What we have here is an amazing piece with all their early hits and I don't know if this is an official album because originally released by Dojo Records in 1991 but that plays no minor role, this one is the Street Link release. Recorded live @ the Retford Porterhouse on 13. August 1982, Mensi & Co. celebrate excellent cross-section of their first three LP's and shows the band at their best after leaving EMI and just before they signed to Anagram. Strong sense of melody with a unique flair for catchy choruses, added to some of the angriest and most biting lyrics to be heard anywhere. Three or four years ago they had a gig here and they were fuckin' awesome and I'm glad to have at least once see them live. Almost thirty years after these recordings they lost none of their energy and intensity. Pure energy music from one of the UK's best punk bands, a significant record, Hello October!

Saturday, January 04, 2020

V/A - Smash Fascism EP 2018

One more guest post with a clear message! Released via Hellnation welcome us four bands with hard streetpunk sound we all know from them. The reocrd is opened by the Angelic Upstarts with a cut from the split LP (with Crashed Out) The Dirty Dozen, followed by Oi! band 5MDR from Savona with a tune from their second album. The flip starts with Klasse Kriminale, also from Savona, with a new song I guess and last but not least 17100 Kids with a new song too. More current than ever, beat the Nazis wherever you can!

2.La Crisi - 5MDR
3.I Nuovi Banditi - KLASSE KRIMINALE
4.Savona Antifascista - 17100 KIDS

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Saturday, June 20, 2020

ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Teenage Warning 1979

When we talk about classics, the debut by the Angelic Upstarts is without a doubt one of them, almost half the album was also on 7Inches released and they all brilliant. Ripped from gloriuos vinyl back in 2019. Bißchen info: the band were initially signed to Sham 69's Jimmy Pursey's JP Productions. The plan was to record a demo and use Pursey's leverage to secure a deal with Polydor - this floundered following an incident involving Pursey, a security guard and a snowball fight. Warner Brothers stepped in and signed them. I guess, that's all info you need, if still more, visit punk77 and suck it in.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

ANGELIC UPSTARTS - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place 1980

Before I dedicate myself to digitizing, I will open this long musical Saturday with a classic and the Angelic Upstarts made an impression with their debut album and the second ties in seamlessly with it. Twelve brilliant of Fist-In-The-Air anthems have the four, Mensi (vocals), Mond (guitars), Steve (bass), Stix (drums), once again written and with the help of some guests recorded. Read this suitable review which I couldn't write better. I would only say; Music that has inspired me since the beginning of my Punk days and always keeps me positive, even with all the shit that goes on in the world and surrounds me and especially live, they are fantastical! Take the chance if they in your city. The band has reformed and split up a few times over the years, but they're still active and the current line-up since 2020 consists of Mensi, Mick (guitars), John (bass) and Andy on drums. Like no other, the Upstairs combine anti-fascist and socialist workers' philosophy with the punk & skinhead subculture and are always an excellent choice! Find more stuff in the blog, I re-upped them all. TOP!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

V/A - Back-Stage Pass 1986

Back to some old stuff to what every punk out there already knows. Released by Rossil Records in Portugal originally in 1980 and I have here the Polish pressing on Pronit Records from 1986 and I don't know if there's a UK release. Anyway, on it the Créme of early UK Punkrock and I think the makers use the current singles from that time to put it together and bring them closer to the scene outside the UK. Maybe an unofficial release. There is sadly no info inside. Worth mentioning are the tracks by Manufactured Romance with a female singer and I have never heard anything before and do not known the band to date. Who takes a look at the tracklist will find out that only hits are represented and you have when listening a lot of fun & maybe many nice memories as I.

1.Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone? - SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS
3.Fireball - CYANIDE
4.Emotional Blackmail (Parts 1+2) - U.K.SUBS
6.Murder Of Little Towers - ANGELIC UPSTARTS
7.Crashed Out - THE EXPLOITED
10.Barbed Wire Love - STIFF LITTLE FINGERS
11.I'm Me - BOB DE VRIES
12.Police Oppression - ANGELIC UPSTARTS
13.Long Distance Love - MANUFACTURED ROMANCE
15.No Government - ANTI-PASTI
16.Mess I'm In - CYANIDE
17.New York State Police - U.K.SUBS

Monday, January 08, 2018

THE UNDERDOGS - The Punk Demos Collection 2015

Fine tidbit by Common People Records which remastered the demos of the Underdogs and brings this as limited edition finally for us available. All tracks taken from their first demo “Riot In Rothwell” that was recorded 1982 and from their second demo “East Of Dachau”, recorded 1983 and it's a terrific revelation, pure impactInfo from Backcover:

The Underdogs from Leeds, were a prolific band of the second batch of UK Punk. They recorded two brilliant demos between 1982 & 1983. The band were formed in 1981, and their name was inspired by the song of the Mancunian legends The Drones. Although some pundits likened them to the The Clash, SLF and Dead Kennedys their own preferences were varied. That said, all four members were fans of The Clash. They rehearsed at the Windmill Youth Club in Rothwell (Leeds), which was also the launching pad of fellow Riot City Punksters, The Expelled.

They recorded their first demo in 1981, which included the songs 'Big Brother' and 'Make It Last'. However, it was their second visit to the studio in 82/83 (this time funded by Riot City, that saw their finest hour), the production of 'East of Dachau' EP, which, with 'Johnny Go Home' and 'Dead Soldier' announced their arrival on the Punk scene.

Despite limited success, mainly due to lack of gigs, Riot City persevered with the band and an 8' track Mini-Album was planned for the following year. Sadly, Riot City fell into financial difficulties at this time and so those 8' tracks, which included 'Never Gonna Give Up', 'Hate Bomb' and 'Paint It Red' never saw daylight. During the following year they managed to do a few gigs, supporting The Toy Dolls, Angelic Upstarts and Subhumans among others but they never got the chance to play outside the UK. The very last line-up was: Bill and UG (The Underdogs) and Macca and Tim (The Expelled). By this time they had changed their name to Paradise West. They played one gig supporting the Upstarts then disbanded, permanently. 'Riot In Rothwell' was released posthumously... Using the tracks from the 8" track EP that never was. (UG 2015)

Fifteen solid punk dutties, still fresh and without a best before date - TOP!!!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Monday, April 29, 2019

V/A - A Small Retrosperspective (Live!) 2019

Ein neues Produkt aus dem Hause WDM Records und da April ausschließlich Live Postis gewidmet ist wuchs die Idee einer superben compilation mit solchen Aufnahmen die ich hier und da fand oder auf meiner Festplatte schlummerten. Bevorzugt mit Bands die ich teilweise erlebt habe und ich besonders gern auflege. Ich glaube das Ergebnis kann sich hören und sehen lassen und besonders das Artwork alter Eintrittskarten schwirrte mir seit langem im Kopf herum, das hat eine Menge fantastischer Erinnerungen hervor gerufen, schön war's! Ich wĂŒnsche Euch jetzt abwechslungsreichen Hörgenuß mit diesem kleinen RĂŒckblick.

    A new product from WDM Records and because April is dedicated to Live posts grew the idea of a superb compilation with recordings that I found here and there or slumbered on my hard disk. Preferably with bands that I have partially experienced and I often put on my turntable. I think the result can be heard and seen, and especially the artwork of old tickets has been buzzing in my mind for a long time, it has brought back a lot of fantastic memories, it was nice! I wish you a varied listening pleasure with this small retrosperspective.

1.Burn The Kings Road - WARFARE
2.Dig Up Her Bones - THE MISFITS
3.Vita - DECLINO
4.Geschwisterliebe - DIE ÄRZTE
7.Paris Maquis - MÉTAL URBAIN
9.Greeks - PANX ROMANA
11.Etsin Ja Tuhoan - VANDAALIT
12.Johnny Coge El Subfusil - COMMANDO 9MM
13.Tomorrow Started - TALK TALK
14.Belsen - SID VICIOUS
15.What Gives? - RADIO BIRDMAN
17.Heart On Fire - WIPERS
18.Police Oppression - ANGELIC UPSTARTS
19.Golden Girl - DESERTED
20.Freedom Of Choice - KLOTZS
21.Restos De Nada - RESTOS DE NADA
22.Buried Alive - VENOM
23.Otok Goli - PARAF
24.Szara Rzeczywistoƛć - DEZERTER
25.Jump For Joy - WARRIOR SOUL

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

V/A - Wargasm 1982

This record is one more nugget in my opinion. Thirteen songs against war. I think it was the first release about this theme. Except the Dead Kennedys are all bands from the UK. The music here is a special mix of punkrock with keys, orchestra & old school. To me the Poisen Girls track is fuckin' brilliant, the strings intro, the slowly driving up to the proper rhythm is famously, I get goosebumps...huh. Also Captain Sensible's "Hey Jo" is a killer too. After The System on the 1st pressing of this record is a hidden track by The Insane. It wasn't supposed to be included & was deleted on later pressings. A great sampler which is unequaled on Pax Records.

2.Tapioca Sunrise - FLUX OF PINK INDIANS
3.White Coffins - CANKER OPERA
4.Kinky Sex Makes The World Go Round - DEAD KENNEDYS
5.I Hate War - RAT SCABIES
6.Statement - POISEN GIRLS
8.The Kill - MAU MAUS
9.Victory For Poland - ANGELIC UPSTARTS
10.Their Decisions - THE SYSTEM
11.Fight Their Wars - THE INSANE
12.Power - INFA RIOT

Friday, January 25, 2019

LONG TALL SHORTY - 1970's Boy 1997

A combo of which I did not know anything until now is Long Tall Shorty, a four piece from London which formed in August 1978 from the ashes of the punk rock band Ben E Dorm & The Tourists. Initially called The Indicators, the line-up was: Jimmy Grant (bass), Mark Reynolds (drums) and Tony Perfect (guitar/vocals). After Keith Mono joined in October 1978, The Indicators were offered a support slot to Sham 69 at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. They recorded several singles before splitting up in 1982, when lead singer Tony Perfect left to join Angelic Upstarts. Reforming in 2000, they have recorded and released several albums. Fantastic twenty song compilation and more info in the file and I'm in a hurry so let's have all a great weekend!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Thursday, April 23, 2015

V/A - The Bright Side Of Oi! 1994

Morgenstund' hat Oi! im Mund... Oi! Classics Vol.1, ebenfalls auf Street Kids Records veröffentlicht (gab's in unterschiedlichen Vinylfarben) sind hier vorwiegend Bands aus Engeland vertreten die jeder kennt. Man hat auf die klassischen Hymnen verzichtet und Songs ausgewĂ€hlt die eher nicht so bekannt sind, wie ich zumindest finde. Sicher hat jeder eine 7inch oder eine LP im Schrank stehen und wird das Dingens ohne zu zögern ziehen. 16 mal Streetpunk vom feinsten, nicht ĂŒbel doch ich bevorzuge Vol.2, weil eben drum. WĂŒrde mich freuen wenn mir jemand vernĂŒnftige Scans zukommen ließe. - Ich schĂ€tze, ich hau mich noch eine Stunde hin, viel zu frĂŒh um weiteren Scheiß zu schreiben.

1.Red London - SHAM 69
2.Don't You Ever Let Me Down - THE CRACK
3.Clouded Eyes - CHRON GEN
4.Feel The Rage - INFA RIOT
5.Mull Of Kintyre - THE OPTIMISTS
6.Ragazzi Come Tu E Me - KLASSE KRIMINALE
7.Loves Young Dream - GUTTERSNIPES
8.No Hope For Anyone - DEAD WRETCHED
9.The Sun Never Shines - ANGELIC UPSTARTS
10.Count The Dead - SKIN DEEP
11.Revolution Times - RED LONDON
12.Rich & Dirty - THE RADICTS
14.Loud And Clear - SUBCULTURE
15.Victim - THE STRIKE
16.City Invasion - RED ALERT

- Special Thx to François -


Sunday, August 21, 2022

V/A - Captain Oi! Presents Hits 2002

This nice compilation from Captain Oi! Records came for free to an order I made twenty years ago and as you can see, here are only renowned bands present, who set high standards in the early English Punk/Oi! movement and released some numerous classics, which shouldn't be missing in any well-assorted record collection. Seven small treats were specially served to let us know that new stuff is available and that there is no lethargy on the island. A nice idea I think. Especially since you don't always know when new records from your favorite bands are coming out, at least that's how I feel.

1.Natural Born Loser - ARGY BARGY
2.Fragile - U.K. SUBS
3.Little Black Sheep - THE ADICTS
5.Apathie In The U.K. - SPECIAL DUTIES
7.Hell To Pay - THE BUSINESS

Sunday, December 07, 2014

V/A - Burning Ambitions (A History Of Punk) 1982

Burning Ambition: The History of Punk, attempts to be a definitive overview of the British (except DK) wave/punk scene in the late 70s/early 80s and while it falls short of its goals, it's nevertheless an admirable effort. The CrĂšme de la CrĂšme are here to honor, only classics on it. Surely some of you, like me, have the original records at home but this double album should become a favorite of yours, because this record is one of the finest punk compilations which is ever released. Love to hear all these classic songs in this order and believe me.... you will enjoy it as a good fuck.

1.Boredom - BUZZCOCKS
2.Bingo Masters Breakout - THE FALL
3.12XU - WIRE
5.Keys To Your Heart - THE 101'ERS
6.I'm Alive - 999
7.Gary Gilmore's Eyes - THE ADVERTS
8.Justifiable Homicide - DAVE GOODMAN & FRIENDS
9.Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone - SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS
10.(Get A) Grip On (Yourself) - THE STRANGLERS
11.Your Generation - GENERATION X
12.Baby, Baby - THE VIBRATORS
13.Identity - X-RAY SPEX
14.Read About Seymour - SWELL MAPS
15.I'm Stranded - THE SAINTS
16.Chinese Rocks - HEARTBREAKERS
17.Lock It Up - EATER
18.Ain't Got A Clue - THE LURKERS
19.Lady - ADAM & THE ANTS
20.Love Song - THE DAMNED
21.Looking After No. 1 - BOOMTOWN RATS
22.Where's Captain Kirk? - SPIZZ ENERGI
23.In A Rut - THE RUTS
24.Angels With Dirty Faces - SHAM 69
25.Stranglehold - U.K.SUBS
26.Flares & Slippers - COCKNEY REJECTS
27.The Wait - KILLING JOKE
28.No Goverment - ANTI-PASTI
29.Holiday In Cambodia - DEAD KENNEDYS
30.Dead Cities - THE EXPLOITED
31.Last Rockers - VICE SQUAD
32.Harry May - THE BUSINESS
33.Police Story - THE PARTISANS
34.Someone's Gonna Die - BLITZ
35.City Baby Attacked By Rats - G.B.H
36.Complete Disorder - DISORDER
38.Lust For Glory - ANGELIC UPSTARTS

- Huge Thx to Fredrik -

Friday, December 17, 2021

V/A - Two Ninety Nine! 1984

Dear friends, I just found out that Mensi, leader of Angelic Upstarts, died on December 10th, 2021 at the age of 65 after being infected with Covid-19. Now the second from the band after bassist Tony (died on February 22nd, 2021). I'm really shocked and sad, the punk world has lost a big fighter and sympathetic person, I raise my glass to you! R.I.P. Mensi, the next posts are dedicated to you. 

I think a compilation from Rot Records is a worthy homage, on the one hand I don't know a bad record from this label, on the other hand I think the music fits right now. Two Ninety Nine is full with great bands/songs which show an excellent overview of the house bands and whose singles were mostly available in small editions. I think, this compi had only a print run of 1000 copies as well. Everything is said, let the music speak!

1.Model Soldier - ANIMAL FARM
2.Red Alert - KILLROY
3.Bone Orchard - NAKED PREY
4.We Don't Need You - MANIA
5.Use Your Brain - CLAMPDOWN
6.Zombie Nation - SICK VICARS
7.Desperation Time - RADIO NINE
8.Don't Criticise - PATROL
9.Last But Not Least (Live) - THE ENEMY
10.S.S. Officer - PATROL
11.Murder And Maim - CLAMPDOWN
12.Russia - RESISTANCE 77
14.Where Are They Now? - RADIO NINE
15.Shoulder To Shoulder - MANIA
16.Call Of The Reaper - NAKED PREY
17.Shattered Mirror - SICK VICARS
18.Dead Mans Dreams - PARANOIA

Saturday, October 06, 2018

THE WALL - The Punk Collection 1998

CD's are not really my source but this one is a damn MUST! This fantastic compilation was released by Captain Oi! and contains all recordings of The Wall, originally formed in Sunderland early 1978, and their six year career may have seen them go through enough members to form their own football team but it also saw them release some outstanding records along the way. The first line-up of note featured Ian Lowery (vox & guitars), Andy 'Andzy' Griffits (bass & vox), John Hammond (guitars) & Bruce Archibald (drums) and it was this incarnation of the band that recorded the superb 'New Way' EP for Small Wonder Records. It's success (it sold over 10.000 copies and was heavily played by John Peel on his (then) important Radio 1 show) led to Lowery & Andzy relocating to London where they recruited guitarist Nick Ward and Drummer Rab Fae Beith (ex-The Pack/Patrick Fitzgerald Group) and they issued the 'Exchange' single for Small Wonder which reached No.26 in the very first published independent chart and was produced by the Sex Pistols Steve Jones (the first band to be produced by a member of the Pistols).

However, not long after this the band suffered the time honoured 'musical differences' which led to the depature of Lowery (he later released a solo album called "King Blank" on Beggars Banquet) who was replaced by one time Ruefrex member Ivan 'Kellz' Kelly and he made his debut with the Wall on a UK tour supporting the Angelic Upstarts and on their first single for Fresh Records, August 1980's 'Ghetto' EP which, produced by Sham 69's Jimmy Pursey, enjoyed a three month indie chart run peaking at the No.19 position. This line-up also recorded the debut LP "Personal Troubles & Public Issues" (which came out in December 1980 in two different sleeves and reached No.15 in the indie chart) which also saw the arrival of guitarist Andy 'Heed' Forbes, formally a member of The Strapps.

Shortly after the album's release, however, Ward & Kelly departed leaving Rab, Heed and Andzy to continue as a three piece with Andzy assuming vocal duties. This line-up was snapped up by Polydor and their debut for the major was the three track 'Remembrance' EP which they promoted by doing a UK tour with Stiff Little Fingers. They also issued one final single for Fresh, 'Hobby For A Day' before a second Polydor 45 'Epitaph' followed in November '81 and it also saw the first appearance of new bassist Claire Bidwell (ex-The Passions) which allowed Andzy to concentrate on the vocals. Their time with Polydor ended with early 1982's album "Dirges & Anthems" (which came with a free 7") and which saw guitar duties split between Heed (who left half way through recording) and Baz.

Rob & Andzy continued under The Wall name throughout 1982, their last release being the ten track 12'' EP "Day Tripper" for No Future (also issued as a four track 7'') which reached No.21 in the UK indie chart. The 'band' folded not long after with Rob later turning up in the UK SUBS and playing on the "Huntington Beach" and "In Action" albums. He also set up RFB Records and released albums by the likes of Condemned 84, UK SUBS and Broken Bones.(Mark Brennan)

In August 2007, the band reformed for a headline appearance at the Blackpool Rebellion with seven of the original members, Andy Griffiths (vocals), Nick Ward (guitars), Al Gregg (guitars & bass), Andrew Forbes (guitars), John Hammond (guitars), Claire Bidwell (bass) and Mark Dyvig (drums) with a warm-up gig the previous night @ The Thatched House in Stockport. This was followed by the release of a new live album in August 2009 on Captive Records (Opus Productions/Captive Records). The debut album "Personal Troubles & Public Issues" is getting a re-issue on CD for the first time, by Westworld Recordings on 13/05/2016.

This little sucker shines with twenty extraordinary nuggets and I love the Wall and you will do it too... 'In Nature'!

Friday, September 02, 2022


Not really new in Blogland and I have to admit, this shit passed me by, even though I've already heard some songs, EiEiEi... but Blogs are made for to change such a Dilemma.. oh yeah! So here we go: Sole release (500 copies pressed on Hit & Run Records) by the Degenerates from Houston with four brilliant killer and how popular their songs are prove the numerous Bootleg Compilations on which almost every song of this rare EP can be found. The band were the youngest combo in town and formed in the late Seventies by Kenny (vocals/guitar), Tom (bass) and Wade (drums). They played gigs at 'The Island' and 'Joe Star's Omni' with great bands like Really Red, the Angelic Upstarts, the Dicks, etc..  A retrospective album with unreleased material and live stuff (listenwas released in 2016 via RaveUp Records with more awesome Punkrock which you shouldn't miss.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Saturday, February 05, 2022

MAU MAUS - The Singles Collection 1996

The Olympics have started, but to be honest, I'm not interested in that, although I'm enthusiastic about sports, but I think choosing a venue that has little to do with winter sports and ignores human rights is pretty stupid and ridiculous. But let's leave this topic, back to the music. A strong 80's band wich release five solid 7Inches during this time is Mau Maus and all of these can be heard on this excellent compilation. A bit info: Named after the 1950's secret political faction from Kenya, and inspiried by a US Hardcore act of the same name, Sheffield's Mau Maus formed after leaving school in late '79. Consistng of Chris (vocals), Andrew (guitar), Kevin (bass), Paul (drums), they had no equipment and no rehearsel room. But enthusiasm overpowered these problems and within months the band saw themselves playing a dire set of cover versions and poor original pieces at local Youth clubs. But that changed quickly and 1981 they were opener for the Angelic Upstarts @ the Marples Club. With the inspiration from US bands, they combine this with the inevitable influence of the contemporary British punk scene and create some of the hardest-hitting, most rough UK82 sounds how I love it. As far as I know, Mau Maus are active again, playing gigs and who knows, maybe a new album will follow soon.