Sunday, March 26, 2023


This cool picture vinyl by Knock Out Records feautures four cool live recordings (including the classic 'Goin' Down The Bar') and were taped 23.05.1998 in Hamburg @ the Grosse Freiheit 36 when the Wretched Ones supported Angelic Upstarts and Pit (vocals), G.T. (guitars), Bob (bass), Mike (drums) do a very good jobThe Wretched Ones are a quartet from Midland Park, New Jersey and active since the late Eighties and with the demo ('89) they have released four albums, the last in 2007, and lots of 7Inches. To my knowledge the band broke up in 2009. What a good live band they were, shows this record impressively. "Fueled by singer Pit's gravelly, venom-spitting vocals, thick guitar, these guys are masters at this sort of stuff. It's basic, no-frills Punk, built on good riffs and sarcastic and smart lyrics" and the recording quality round off this little show 100%.👍

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  1. I was at that gig, and will post Wretched Ones on my blog soon as well. Cheers!!