Thursday, April 04, 2024

ANGELIC UPSTARTS - @ London/Polytechnic 25.06.1981

After a long time, I'm back in this theater for a short time and first: all re-upp requests are fixed. I hope I can devote more passion to blogging again in the future, but at the moment I don't have the drive for it, but wdthtc isn't dead! After the Upstarts were persuaded by the major label to create their fourth album with a pop producer and thus offended every Oi!/Punker, it was time to quit from EMI and they released this live album after this unsuccessful excursion , which the band apparently agreed with because they probably still had to to this because it was the last part of the contract, I think. In any case, this album is an absolute classic and came just right at a time when the band didn't have much together anyway and had to find themselves again, understandably. So 'Live' is full with fifteen nuggets in top quality and anyone who likes the band will be well served here, an album that should be in every well-stocked record collection and needs to be heard at least four times a year.


  1. Nice hear you again mr.wdm. Get well and hope blogging soon again. wdthtc's not dead.

  2. i love this blog dont go anywhere pls

  3. Yay! I'll keep waiting for more ...