Tuesday, March 12, 2024

V/A - Where Birdmen Flew Revisited Vol.3 1999

Before I go to the orthopedic surgeon, I take advantage of the free time and send a sign of life with the following fantastic compilation from 'Down Under', a small series called Where Birdmen Flew Revisited enjoyed a small guest appearance at the end of the Nineties and is very welcome in my house. On the one hand because I love the music from there, on the other hand their singles are difficult to obtain in Europe and yes, there are numerous bootlegs with well known bands, which are almost all essential and therefore many of the bands and songs are similar, but we had this theme before, and yet it's good that new or tried-and-tested comps are constantly being published from there and they always piques my interest. It's difficult to get hold of these records these days and unfortunately they always cost a lot of money, but it's worth it. Volume 1 is a killer and this record as well.

1.Heart Attack - WORLD WAR XXIV
4.My City Of Sydney - X.L. CAPRIS
5.No Music In The World Today - LAST WORDS
6.Who Wants To March - REJEX
7.Home Is Where The Floor Is - X
8.Toys Out Of Control - WHAT?!!
9.Darlinghurst Police - VIGIL-ANTI
10.Magic Castle - THE RIPTIDES
11.Television - THE KELPIES
12.Today's Kidz - LAST WORDS
13.Hate City - X
14.New Kid's Army - SUICIDE SQUAD
15.Catholic Ray Gun - QUEEN ANNE'S REVENGE
16.Alcohol - THE PRESS
17.5 To 9 - WORLD WAR XXIV
18.20 T-Bones - WHAT?!!
19.Business Man - EXSERTS
20.T.V. Cabaret Roll - X


  1. fok yea thanks mate

  2. A most grateful welcome back!!

  3. Good luck with the surgery!