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Wednesday, 6 July 2022

V/A - Enjoy The Gift Of Life EP 1990

This is supposed to be a limited Promo 7Inch, but I'm not sure. Fact is; four bands from three continents have come together to delight your heart with their refreshing art. Opener are the Badtown Boys from LA, who have been around since 1986, have released five albums and convince with melodic singalong songs, Channel 3 from Cerritos, established 1980, are certainly well known and play hard, fast stuff that even made it onto some European compilations, numerous records from the boys are available. The b-side starts with Sticky Filth from New Plymouth, NZ and the trio released four quality albums. Their evocations of provincial Punk and working class life are among New Zealand’s finest and most honest and the powersound they make is raining down to a howling vocal and constant beat, one of the most distinct, Electric Blue Peggy Sue & The Revolutionions From Mars were from Oulu, active from 1986 to 1996, long band name with many members, six in total. Seven albums exist and the only unknown combo to me but a worthy conclusion on this little piece of vinyl which came in various different cover colors.

1.We're Through - BADTWON BOYS
2.What About Me - CHANNEL 3
3.Weep Woman Weep - STICKY FILTH

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

V/A - There Is No Future... 1984

I changed my mind and post this compilation which appeared on Cherry Red in 1984 and contains, not really surprising, a nice overview of early UK punk bands, i.e. bands from the essential No Future label, rather what for collectors or anyone who overslept the punk explosion. All songs are well known and released on other records at that time, so it may be boring for some but I think the record is okay and it is always refreshing to call up the old classics every now and then. Some slabs can be found in the blog the planned vinyl rip will be postponed until tomorrow. Until then, pleasant nostalgia flash with these sixteen nuggets! 

1.Someone's Gonna Die - BLITZ
2.Police Story - THE PARTISANS
3.Banned From The Pubs - PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES
4.In Britain - RED ALERT
5.Gangland - VIOLATORS
6.I've Got A Gun - CHANNEL 3
7.Abuse Of Power - BLITZKRIEG
8.Today's Generation - ATTAK
9.Warriors - BLITZ
11.17 Years Of Hell - THE PARTISANS
12.El Salvador - THE INSANE
13.Fight For Your Life - CRASH
14.Dead Hero - THE SAMPLES
15.Summer Of '81 - VIOLATORS
16.Megalomania - THE BLOOD

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Saturday, 22 January 2022

V/A - Blood On The ROQ! 1983

Before I dedicate myself further ripping vinyl, a short sign of life from my heated home and that it doesn't get frostier is proven by the track and band list of the following brilliant compilation by Quiet Records. Everyone should have heard one or two songs or at least you should have one record in your closet, if not... change it immediately, because almost the Crème de la Crème is waiting here, important and essential American bands and without them, Punk would be a bit poorer, in my opinion. With all its aggression and rawness captures this slab the spirit of the early wild days perfect and stands out with its quality and represents a pure gem for every record collector who loves the early sound of the west coast. Very strong piece of vinyl, with a correspondingly short playing time. Cheers!

1.Rodney On The ROQ - TARGET 13
2.Rise Above - BLACK FLAG
3.Right Is Right - SHATTERED FAITH
5.Search - MINUTEMEN
6.Getting Staight - THE NUNS
7.You Lie - CHANNEL 3
8.Bloodstains - AGENT ORANGE
9.Wild In The Streets - CIRCLE JERKS
10.Laurie's Lament - VIDIOTS
11.Dead Heroes - RED ROCKERS
12.No Values - BLACK FLAG

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Saturday, 4 June 2022

V/A - 1984 The Third 2LP 1987

One of my favorite compilations is the double album by the important French label New Wave Records, who released a small series called 1984 in the Eighties with tons of international bands and every release is a direct hit in my opinion. Also Freunde, Volume 3 was pressed 1500 times and there are thirty-eight bands/songs to discover, plus a detailed booklet with lots of infos and lyrics and and and... I love such loving and detailed slabs because they not only make an impact acoustically, but also visually and I'm certainly not alone there, and on days off like these, the pleasure is doubly pleasant. The only downside is that I have to write so much and don't like to write much. I've already thought about not writing anything anymore, but I don't like that either. What a conflict hahaha... Now I'll open a beer and the subtle reference to Volume 4 (the last part) and the first two will follow... someday!

1.Stress Test/The Tables Turn - YOUTHQUAKE
2.Just Sixteen - DARK AGE
3.Jugend - EXTREM
4.A - ZOI
5.No More Problems - ROSTOK VAMPIRES
6.Poupée Speed - SS20
7.Muerete Dirigente - ATAQUE FRONTAL
8.Doo, Radden Menneskehed - VI
10.Return Of Frost - DEVIATED INSTINCT
11.Egoista - F.P.B.
12.L'Engrais De Ma Révolte - PARIA PUNK
13.Reasons - N.V. BOYS
14.Pauv'con - MASK HAGAZ
15.Werbling - BÖSLINGE
16.Toulouse Boredom - PIN PRICK
17.Number - PATARENI
18.Terroristes - RAZZLE DAZZLE
19.Seurapiirihuora - U.S.C.
20.Em Setembro - CÓLERA
21.Générique/Violence In The Shows - KRULL
22.Anarchie, Frieden, Liebe - ALPTRAUM GMBH
23.Futur Macabre - VLASTA
24.Mayhem - LOUDBLAST
26.Le Pogo Des Eboueurs - TRASHMEN POGO
27.Penal Repression - CHAOTIC SUBVERSION
28.I'll Pull The Switch - RANDOM KILLING
29.Rien Á Dire, Rien Á Faire - LES CADAVRES
30.Dežuje - TOŽIBABE
33.Behind High Walls - DOC WOR MIRRAN
34.Fight For Freedom - WYLSPER
35.Kivul - DIE TROTTEL
36.L'Homme Se Meurt - COCK ROACHS
38.Dziecko - REJESTRACJA

Sunday, 5 November 2017

V/A - Sauerkraut & Smørrebrød 1986

Starting Sunday with a german/danish collaboration of bands. Three of each country. The songs are already partially published (L.U.L.L.), the rest, as far as I know, can't be found elsewhere. Knübbe Platten brought out this rare compilation, their first and only release and next to the brilliant cover there are fourteen songs with a pretty good punkiesound and rather average lyrics, (I mean especially the German ones, hahaha) but the boys have a lot of humor and we need this kind of humor in this cold grey world, especially in splendid Germoney. Well anyway, I like the record, no vital ceralie, check out for yourselfs, maniacs...

1.Face The Truth - L.U.L.L.
2.Fanny Baron - L.U.L.L.
6.Abstract Anger - ZERO POINT
7.Vertane Zeit - CHANNEL RATS
9.Drikkesangen - WAR OF DESTRUCTION
10.Virkelighed I Vat - WAR OF DESTRUCTION
11.Åh, Hvor Er Jeg Hvid - WAR OF DESTRUCTION
12.Platzangst - DERANGE
13.Hochverrat - DERANGE
14.Abnormal - DERANGE

- Special Thx to Count Yorga -

Thursday, 8 February 2018

V/A - The Price Of Silence 2013

Attractive sounds from my favorite country and the songs were recorded from the late 80s to early 90s. Three combos, probably from the Athens area, have the channel full anwant to share their aggressive moods with us and they do this with full passion. Top record, fantastic hymns and hearty as a sunny holiday in Greece... Enjoy!!

1.Rotenness - REALIST
2.Hate - REALIST
3.The Price Of Silence - REALIST
4.Death Promise - SENTENCE
5.Industrial Terrorism - SENTENCE
7.Sentence - SENTENCE
8.Potencial Victims - SENTENCE
9.In Memory Of Tomorrow - PLAGUE
10.Psychiatric Yard - PLAGUE
11.Getaway - PLAGUE
12.Sentence Memory - PLAGUE
13.You Live In Prison - PLAGUE
14.Never - PLAGUE

Sunday, 28 June 2015

V/A - Four On 4 EP 1984

One more piece from the Wanted-List and this is a damn cool garage rock goodie!Some know this record as 'Trash On The Tube' EP, released via Big Beat Records. I guess the liner notes from the back cover are clear: "Here is a lively sequence of four favourites from Channel 4's great teenagers' television show, 'The Tube', that attracts a nation-wide audience every Friday evening. This dynamic programme is a feast of powerful beat music - a 'knockout' for every teenager. On this EP you have four fantastic garage rockers with a typical audience of teenagers who immensely enjoyed themselves & contributed to the atmosphere. These songs were filmed on Sunday 2nd September 1984" (Nicky Garrard) - This release actually contains studio recordings of the tracks performed live for the television show.

1.Out Of Control - THEE MILKSHAKES
2.Reaching My Head - THE PRISONERS
3.Come On Kid - THE STING-RAYS
4.Ride This Torpedo - TALL BOYS

- Big Thx to Drago -

Monday, 1 March 2021

V/A - Kiwi By Death (NZ Punk Rarities 1977-1983) 2010

Hello March and we stay in Oceania and come to new old stuff from Second Chance Records, a Belgish label, specializes in limited CD-R compilations in very small editions (this threat only 50 copies & with a small but useful booklet) with rare punk classics worldwide. As you can easily see, this edition is dedicated to the musical orgasms of New Zealand, and most of the songs are almost all represented on other relevant compis and you can ask, who needs that? I would say why not. Since most of the slabs are no longer accessible (as a side note, many records are offline, at least in my blog) and the selcetion is different as well and I can promise you, this one is high explosive! I like the music from there and the scene was pretty broad with good bands and I recommend you visit audioculture for more infos about New Zealand's subculture.

1.Let There Be Noise - DUM DUM BOYS
2.1978 - THE ENEMY
3.Money In The Bank - SCAVENGERS
4.Suicide - PROUD SCUM
6.Out Of Control - THE STEROIDS
7.Metro Blues - THE HENCHMEN
8.Police Wheels - THE PRIMMERS
10.Joe 90 - BORED GAMES
11.Sheep - TOY LOVE
12.Mistaken Identity - NO TAG
13.Never Been To Borstal - TERRORWAYS
14.Supported By The State - SCAVENGERS
15.You Were The One - CHANNEL 4
16.Pull Down The Shades - THE ENEMY
17.Dead Inside - DUM DUM BOYS
18.Everybody's Got The Answers - MARCHING GIRLS
19.Rabbit - PROUD SCUM
20.Auckland Tonight - THE ANDROIDSS
22.Funny Stories - THE PRIMMERS
23.Police Wheels - FEATURES
24.Let's Go To Australia - VIVID MILITIA
25.Death Machine - THE HENCHMEN
26.Who Killed Johnny? - THE JOHNNIES