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Wednesday, July 06, 2022

V/A - Enjoy The Gift Of Life EP 1990

This is supposed to be a limited Promo 7Inch, but I'm not sure. Fact is; four bands from three continents have come together to delight your heart with their refreshing art. Opener are the Badtown Boys from LA, who have been around since 1986, have released five albums and convince with melodic singalong songs, Channel 3 from Cerritos, established 1980, are certainly well known and play hard, fast stuff that even made it onto some European compilations, numerous records from the boys are available. The b-side starts with Sticky Filth from New Plymouth, NZ and the trio released four quality albums. Their evocations of provincial Punk and working class life are among New Zealand’s finest and most honest and the powersound they make is raining down to a howling vocal and constant beat, one of the most distinct, Electric Blue Peggy Sue & The Revolutionions From Mars were from Oulu, active from 1986 to 1996, long band name with many members, six in total. Seven albums exist and the only unknown combo to me but a worthy conclusion on this little piece of vinyl which came in various different cover colors.

1.We're Through - BADTWON BOYS
2.What About Me - CHANNEL 3
3.Weep Woman Weep - STICKY FILTH

Friday, February 21, 2020

STICKY FILTH - Weep Woman Weep 1988

A visit to New Zealand is always worthwhile and over there to the west of the North Island to New Plymouth, the home of Sticky Filth and the three Craig (vocals/bass), Chris (guitars), Dave (drums) released their debut album on Ima Hitt with eight solid grooves. Three albums followed, a few singles and the band's still active to my knowledge. Also represented on compilations, which I'm unfortunately not familiar with, so I have to keep an eye out. Off to the weekend with you!

Sunday, October 04, 2015

V/A - For What It's Worth? [WDM Special] 2011

From my former Blog, here's a little selfmade compilation I've cobbled together in recent days and includes some known and unknown bands. Thirty-Two Killed By Death crackers from the glory years 1978 - 1987 and decorated with a few live recordings. With the artwork I'm not really happy and I feel not content but hey: Who Gives A Shit?, right... the title I chose for this compilation haunted for a long time in my head around and so now I spit it out here. I have an emotional weekend behind me and I will not use any other unnecessary words now because I'm feeling fuckin' good. At last: A big fat thanks to all the Bloggers and Friends out there who shared their rare punk stuff with me/us music-maniacs. I wish you all a Sunny Sunday.

1.True Detective - ACCIDENT
2.Compro - 7 SECONDS
3.Liikkeellä Eikka (Live) - TERVEET KÄDET
5.Punks Gotta Be United - ALLISON
6.Kick Me One More Time - TOO MUCH
7.Puta Cerda - MCD
8.Anti-Social Disease - SICK THINGS
9.Electric Brain (Live) - THE SICK
11.Olet Sokea - SENSUURI
12.She's Not There - U.K.SUBS
13.Hogar, Dulce Hogar (Demo) - ULTIMO RESORTE
14.Paint It Black - The MO-DETTES
15.Change In My Head - 7 SECONDS
16.I've Got A Right - F
17.Chemical Death - THE DEHUMANIZERS
18.Genau Wie Wir (Live) - TORPEDO MOSKAU
19.Flowers - STICKY FILTH
20.Weekend Love - THE STRIPES
21.Streetcorner Hero - WILLI WARMA
22.Les Troubadour Du Chaos - PANIK
24.Saturday Night - ADRENALIN O.D.
25.Anarchy In The U.K. - ADRENALIN O.D.
26.Someone Else's Room - THE FASTBACKS
27.Purple Heart - ASPHALT JUNGLE
28.Kaks Vihreää Polkupyöraa (Live) - TERVEET KÄDET
29.Kerb Crawler - AU PAIRS
30.Vild I Skogen - DR.ZEKE
31.World War 3 - THE SICK
32.Totally Useless - PSYKIK VOLTS