Saturday, January 22, 2022

V/A - Blood On The ROQ! 1983

Before I dedicate myself further ripping vinyl, a short sign of life from my heated home and that it doesn't get frostier is proven by the track and band list of the following brilliant compilation by Quiet Records. Everyone should have heard one or two songs or at least you should have one record in your closet, if not... change it immediately, because almost the Crème de la Crème is waiting here, important and essential American bands and without them, Punk would be a bit poorer, in my opinion. With all its aggression and rawness captures this slab the spirit of the early wild days perfect and stands out with its quality and represents a pure gem for every record collector who loves the early sound of the west coast. Very strong piece of vinyl, with a correspondingly short playing time. Cheers!

1.Rodney On The ROQ - TARGET 13
2.Rise Above - BLACK FLAG
3.Right Is Right - SHATTERED FAITH
5.Search - MINUTEMEN
6.Getting Staight - THE NUNS
7.You Lie - CHANNEL 3
8.Bloodstains - AGENT ORANGE
9.Wild In The Streets - CIRCLE JERKS
10.Laurie's Lament - VIDIOTS
11.Dead Heroes - RED ROCKERS
12.No Values - BLACK FLAG

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

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