Friday, 21 January 2022

WARHEAD - One More Time In The Jail 7'' 1989

Second 7Inch by Warhead from Turin which was self-published and the last lifesign before they resurrected in 1998. They brought out two solid numbers as a temporary farewell to the Italian music scene and left many of their fans with fond memories (but they wasn't really quiet). In 1991 Warhead began gathering previously unreleased material from studio and live performances for their end-of-decade project, two years later they released the Ten Years On The Road tape for the clubs, signalling their return to the circuit with a new rhythm section, and they were now truly in mainstream psychedelic Hard Rock, but that's another story. In any case, not the typical hardcore stuff, rather decent mid-tempo punkrock is their passion and the four manage to improve your mood, especially if you just got out of jail. Discover more anti-lullabies by clicking orange - Weekend.... Salut!!

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