Sunday, June 28, 2015

V/A - Four On 4 EP 1984

One more piece from the Wanted-List and this is a damn cool garage rock goodie!Some know this record as 'Trash On The Tube' EP, released via Big Beat Records. I guess the liner notes from the back cover are clear: "Here is a lively sequence of four favourites from Channel 4's great teenagers' television show, 'The Tube', that attracts a nation-wide audience every Friday evening. This dynamic programme is a feast of powerful beat music - a 'knockout' for every teenager. On this EP you have four fantastic garage rockers with a typical audience of teenagers who immensely enjoyed themselves & contributed to the atmosphere. These songs were filmed on Sunday 2nd September 1984" (Nicky Garrard) - This release actually contains studio recordings of the tracks performed live for the television show.

1.Out Of Control - THEE MILKSHAKES
2.Reaching My Head - THE PRISONERS
3.Come On Kid - THE STING-RAYS
4.Ride This Torpedo - TALL BOYS

- Big Thx to Drago -


  1. Any chance of an re-upload? Thanks in advance.

  2. Man, this is class! Much appreciated. Cheers, Gus.