Monday, January 30, 2023

THE JOLT - You're Cold! 7'' 1977

Puhhh, today I'm extremely exhausted and almost walk around in my sleep and after this post I will retire until tomorrow morning, but first the debut 7Inch by the Jolt from Glasgow on Polydor and they brought new influences into the young Punk scene, in their case a healthy dose of Sixties R&B. Usually tossed into the mod bag, the Jolt defied such easy categorizations, and split up 1979 just as that movement emerged into the national spotlight. (Jo-Ann Greene) - Four singles and one album are listed in their vita and this three piece was a classic combo and a perfect example how the music press can exert some bad influence. Also on very good compilations at home. Good Night!

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  1. The first Scottish punk band, nice Clash influence to this A-side.