Friday, 6 February 2015

THE JOLT - s/t LP 1978

Only full length album by this cool band. A little Intro from wiki: The Jolt were a Scottish band formed in Glasgow in 1976. They started out playing 60s covers and then sped up their music, playing a mix of punk rock and power pop. The lineup was Robbie Collins, Jim Doak and Iain Shedden. The band built up its following playing at the Crown Hotel, Wishaw. They enjoyed moderate success during the punk and early new wave era. They moved to London, England and signed to Polydor Records. In addition to their LP they have four 7inches released and their sound are on several compilations. This album is a decent mix of powerpop and punk and the boys know how to do it right. I mean, for 1978 is this amazing.

- Special Thanx to Fredrik -

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