Friday, 6 February 2015

STRUGGLER - Night Fever 7'' 1980

A perfect example how a band changed their music style and became boring are Struggler from Belgium. Founded in 1979, initially the group consisted of 5 members. After numerous changes in the line-up, the group became a threesome from 1988 onward. In 1980 they released their debut 7'' 'Wanted' on Doggy Doo Records in a limited edition and on it are two damn numbers. One of the best punk tunes from Belgium. Also catchy their 2nd release 'Night Fever' although they change more into a dark wave sound which is not bad. Then in 1982 the bands full length album "It Was A Very Long Conversation But At The End We Didn't Shake Hands" which you can get here, came out on Not So Brave VZW Records and they lost total their punk roots. And I find the album is an absolute disaster, dull and lifeless and without big highlights. Schade! Schade! Well at least their second single is a small peak of their classy music.


  1. but sometimes its better to change before you slowly fade away into repeating yourself. and thats boring to me. one who fears change fears life and thats sad and boring to me

  2. Could you re upload this?