Friday, 6 February 2015

V/A - Die Tödliche Dosis 1981

The Austrian label 'Lustgewinn Schallplatten' (brilliant title) brought this fantastic, now very rare, compilation out to light in 1981 with mostly bands from Vienna. Melodic songs somewhere between raw KBD punk and experimental oblique-wave sound (A.K.G. and Molto Brutto). A truly explosive combination to me here because i like this diversity and variety very well. Noisy, snotty, and just plain charming. Just click over to Trash Rock Archives and you'll find more infos about bands/scene and songs of the 80's punk in Austria, in German language but very recommended. So enjoy this early classic stuff and i'm looking forward to your comments.

1.Geschlechtsverkehr - PLASTIX
2.Konsumier Mich - PLASTIX
3.Die Deutsche Bank - PLASTIX
4.Kampf Dem Zwang - SPRAYS
5.Er Oder I - SPRAYS
6.Lieber Chaos - SPRAYS
7.Mein Kampf - COMMERCIALS
8.Robot On The Road - COMMERCIALS
10.Old Generation - COMMERCIALS
11.Stalingrad-Stumpfsinn - A-GEN 53
12.Unsere Körper Machen Uns Sorgen - A-GEN 53
13.(Scheiß Auf) Lila - A-GEN 53
14.Angst - A.K.G.
15.Absurd - A.K.G.
16.Popsong - A.K.G.
17.Heiß Ist Es Da - A.K.G.
19.Surfing - MOLTO BRUTTO
21.Leichen - MOLTO BRUTTO


  1. This looks excellent for me as I like the synthetic (see last weeks post)

  2. Was'n das für ne Platte???? Ich muss schon sagen, extrem anstrengend und eher uneingängnig, doch ERSTE SAHNE. Die Ösis und ihre Defination von Punk.

    Grüße aus Westfalen von Heinz O.

  3. Cult release, but nevertheless not my cup of tea.
    Too many new german wave bands on it, but Commercials & A-Gen 53 is worth the listen. Love the lyrics, ha - and of course the label´s name…
    Greeting from Linz!

  4. Hi again, from San Francisco. Once again, I find that your expired link to this album is the only source I can track down on the internet and ask, humbly, if you would be so kind to repost it. In return, I have thousands of digitized classics that I would be happy to share. Just say the word and I'll send you a list.

    1. Link's fixed. Currently I have no time for the blog because I am busy with the funeral of my father. But should you have something from the Wanted List as mp3 I take that later.

  5. Hello, and, THANK YOU for posting this. Would you please post a new link, as this one has expired? Thanks again!

  6. Awesome! Thanks again! Would you (or anybody here) happen to have anymore from A.K.G.? I know an EP was released recently on vinyl, but haven't seen digital anywhere.