Saturday, 7 February 2015

ALIEN BEAT - Akrobat 1981

Powerpop from Stockholm with a fat pinch of '77 punk sound is right here. What I wrote to the Danish combo Voxpop goes for this album. A short bio from wikipedia: In 1977-79 they played under the name Cathy & The Heat, but when they kicked the singer Katti they changed their name to Alien Beat. Originally consisted of Asa Johanna Axelsson (vocals), Peter Vial (guitar), Peter Wahlberg (bass), Måns Edwall (saxophone) and Pelle Lidell (drums). Later Asa was replaced by Sebastian Håkansson and Fredric Holmquist joins on keyboards and guitar. Peter Wahlberg stopped and Ted Bolin took over the base. Got a record deal and released three singles and an LP, with in particular was assisted by Magnus Lindberg as producer. When Johan made his punk compilation Ståkkålmsjävlar he took such a song from an LP that never came out. - So Alien Beat is a band where every song becomes an occasion, a relaxing and satisfying state from which to observe the hectic world without expressed with glimmering guitars heartbeating rythm section and sizzling melodies. Convinced?

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