Tuesday, January 31, 2023

THE FIX - Vengeance 7'' 1981

The Fix was a short-lived band of less than two years and had their first vinyl release on legendary Midwestern label Touch And Go. This is their debut (200 copies) with two fantastic short killer tracks and a review can tell you more about it: "Faster and younger than the Ramones, these boys from Lansing, Michigan give us two sides of vinyl and finish it all in two minutes and thirty-nine seconds. This is so fast that you won't even have a chance to sit down, so you better dance with your turntable. This is basic, no frills hard Punk and proves once again that Punk still goes on five years after the initial English explosion." (Sinclair Elrod, Coolest Retard 14, June 1981) - A year later their second and final EP Jan's Room followed before breaking up in early 1982. Really amazing they didn't made an album with their potential, I'm sure it would have been a masterpiece. In 1990, German label Lost & Found Records released a double LP called Cold Days, compiling all six songs from the two singles, the compilation track, four outtakes & twelve live cuts. Excellent Stuff!

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