Friday, January 20, 2023

THE IMPS - s/t LP 2022

Interesting plater by Bollmora Rekords and this combo meets me for the first time and they kick really ass. The Imps started 1977 in Stockholm and members were Anders (vocals), Jonas & Kai (guitars), Magnus (bass), Christer (drums) and unfortunately never made it onto vinyl during their active days. So this little compilation features fourteen songs (recorded 1978-1981, I think) from their rehearsal room and probably also live pieces in an extreme uncooked & raw quality. A few liner notes: "And in the late '70s, when the Sex Pistols and Ramones were putting out their records, musical ability wasn't important. However, we were motivated and formed the Imps at a young age (fifteen and still students) and took part-time jobs to fund our equipment. Somehow we got everything together and started rehearsing in a basement of our school with cover versions and after a while we played our first gig to a full house at a school party in Fisksätra. It was a great loud evening and when we were finished after thirty minutes, only ten people were left in the room, but those ten loved us. The Imps got better and better and they gigged all around Stockholm. In 1981 we opened for the Dead Kennedys at a place called Underground in Stockholm. The band made two demo tapes before we called it a day in 1982." (Anders, January 2022)

You see, this is a little story of how it happened at many places in those days, and the will & desire to make music burns like wildfire and is the drive to start something meaningful with its young age. The Imps are passion, crazy & musically simple but incredibly sympatheticListen!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -