Thursday, January 19, 2023

THE PINCHERS - Tonight 7'' 1981

The Pinchers were a short-lived combo from Westerlo, a small village near Antwerp, and this their sole single which was released 1981 on Color Records with two hot tracks and is one of the most sought Belgian Punk singles. Comped on Bloodstains Across Belgium #2 as well as other KBD style comps, original copies go for a hefty price tag and in 2018 Belgian Waffles brought a reissue in a limited edition of 500 copies out. Lacking any kind of distribution most records were sold at local shows and very few exist in the wild. Nothing of further information about the band which means that probably only a few know them at all.


  1. Hallo! Entschuldige, aber ein paar deiner Links funktionieren leider nicht. Wäre toll, wenn du die neu hochladen würdest. The Punchgers Single ist die erste, die nicht richtig funktioniert, bzw. die mannicht runterladen kann