Wednesday, January 18, 2023

ERIC HYSTERIC - Fool Around 7'' 1983

A gentleman who likes to be a guest in my theater celebrates a little evening mood and "Fool Around" was one of three songs (The Stiff Demos) recorded by Eric Hysteric with The Esoterics @ London's Elephant Studio in September 1980. Wasted Vinyl Records released this version three years later and the line-up were Eric (vocals/guitar), Leigh (guitar), Andy (bass), Dieter (drums). A short review: "More garage grunge from Mr. Hysteric. A couple of noisy, almost poppy songs appear here, the best of which is “I Wanna Be A Kid Forever” with its cool background vocals, fuzzy guitar, up-tempo approach, and lyrics that I can totally identify with." (Jeff Bale, MRR #12 • March 1984) - Two refreshing Lo-Fi numbers reviewing a sunny but cold day. Nice one!

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