Tuesday, January 17, 2023


Great stuff from Brisbane's Young Identities which were formed 1978 by Clay (vocals), David (guitars), Gavin (bass), Paul (drums) and they made only two EP's but both are standouts among the Savage/Shake releases (the label released seven vinyl singles and two cassette compilations, of which they probably sold as many copies each and nowadays high sought by collectors). The band's line-up was mixed in with other band Brisbane bands who were, in turn, part of other groups. In other words, a history of the Young Identities is necessarily a history of a few other bands. I can certainly be counted among the "overseas overseers" who became interested in the early Brisbane punk scene several years ago. Without further ado, another history from the younger, snottier contingent of the no-scene Brisbane scene... (Ryan Richardson) - The band present "a lot of youthful energy, a martial spirit and all-important Punk attitude, or in short: primitive, snotty-nosed Punkrock". In the early 1980s, the band changed their name to Kicks, joining the emerging new wave sound and made one 7Inch and a couple of split cassette EPs before they too imploded in mid 1982. Both EP's were repressed in 2010/11 via 540 Records. Compilations featuring the band on At The Fuhrers Request and more essential well-known Nuggets from the Nineties. You can't pass!

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