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Friday, August 09, 2019


Pretty rough debut from Eric Hysteric & The Esoterics on Wasted Vinyl Records and the band consisted of Sam & John (vocals), Andy (bass), Eric (guitar), King Bee Jones (drums), Ricky (guitars/bass/vocals). In addition to his work as a solo artist (since 1971) Hysteric was a member of S.C.U.M (1978-1979), the Vomit Visions (1979-1982) and the Frankfurt riot combo Der Durstige Mann (1982-1995). In addition, Hysteric wrote for several Frankfurt fanzines, including "Same Old Song" and "Ultra Hard Core Punk Sounds," and was notorious (among others, the English Zig Zag Magazine and the German music magazine Sounds) for his letters to the editor. The first public project of Hysteric was the punk band S.C.U.M (Löhnberg/Gießen). After a disastrous appearance in the Jugendzentrum Gießen - acclaimed by art students - Hysteric emigrated to London. During sporadic visits to the ancient homeland, he took with the Vomit Visions, which in June 1979 from the remains of S.C.U.M. emerged, various songs on, and provided the punks at the Frankfurt flea market with the latest records from the UK and the US.

In London, Hysteric went to the studio in 1980 with Andy Groome and Leigh Kendall from the Australian punk pioneers Last Words. The result was the album "Drive You Crazy" released under the name Eric Hysteric & The Esoterics. "The Esoterics LP DRIVE YOU CRAZY is one of the most misunderstood masterpieces of pop music. Not a single weak song, uncompromisingly performed, heart-touching "(Karl Bruckmaier, Bayerischer Rundfunk March 14, 1990).

In 1982, Hysteric returned to Germany and founded under the motto: "Who takes us seriously, it is your own fault" together with the (already then) legendary chain spunk Markus Monoton, who had been a member of the Frogs und den Elbseglern, the riot combo Der Durstige Mann. While the German music critic ignored DDM, who initially also included Oskar (drums) and Marcel Roth (guitar), Due to the hairstyles of Monoton and Oskar, who had turned into skinheads around 1980 in protest against the punk turned fashion punk Barney Hoskyns in the New Musical Express (January 8, 1986) understood the DDM philosophy expressed in the programmatic title "This Is Frankfurt Not Boston (Fuck Off L.A.)" and was thrilled, Der Durstige Mann is a filthy sound far removed from our own (american) punk rock, which is extremely conservative, hedged behind allotments of slogans, etc. (...) Two of them are skins, slouching outside public lavs, the other two walled lingering in front of boutiques in grotesque young-men-wear modeling poses. I guess this makes you kid of the cheap trick of Frankfurt punk. M. Monoton (sing) and Eric (guitar) say: "I whistle on London and LA, and they are right."

After the radical trash aesthetic of the first two EPs surprised the thirsty man, now shrunk to the duo Hysteric/Monoton, 1984 with the 12'' "Saufen Ohne Ende" and the album "Bier 4 Tot", of which the single "Bier Nix Gut!" was decoupled. Tesco Vee: "Here are the guys who are really sounding slick enough to enter the world of commercial jingles and the like. Do not get me wrong. It's still boss, the bossest. "The highlight of this pop-phase was the 1985 single" Im Winter Whiskey Im Sommer Pernod".

After reviews and reports in the Bravo, a re-release of "Bier 4 Tot" by Rock-O-Rama and a placement in the WOM sales charts threatened commercial success. Hysteric responded with a radical change of course: Der Durstige Mann found back to his roots with the album "Himmel & Hölle". On the solo albums "The Crazy King (A Fairy Tale)" and "Für Dich" developed Hysteric his "difficult idiosyncratic, but highly sensitive music" on. Eric died on January 20, 2016.


Wednesday, January 18, 2023

ERIC HYSTERIC - Fool Around 7'' 1983

A gentleman who likes to be a guest in my theater celebrates a little evening mood and "Fool Around" was one of three songs (The Stiff Demos) recorded by Eric Hysteric with The Esoterics @ London's Elephant Studio in September 1980. Wasted Vinyl Records released this version three years later and the line-up were Eric (vocals/guitar), Leigh (guitar), Andy (bass), Dieter (drums). A short review: "More garage grunge from Mr. Hysteric. A couple of noisy, almost poppy songs appear here, the best of which is “I Wanna Be A Kid Forever” with its cool background vocals, fuzzy guitar, up-tempo approach, and lyrics that I can totally identify with." (Jeff Bale, MRR #12 • March 1984) - Two refreshing Lo-Fi numbers reviewing a sunny but cold day. Nice one!

Saturday, July 11, 2020

ERIC HYSTERIC - Für Dich 1988

This is the second album by Eric Hysteric on Orgasm Records and all instruments are played by Eric, Drum Programming by Dieter Krist. 1981 he has already released the Drive You Crazy album with the Esoterics and there you will find more detailed information about him. With this record Eric continued to develop its “heavily idiosyncratic but highly sensitive music”. Absolute D.I.Y. minimalistic experimental punkies packed in fourteen skin-tight songs and you can say what you will, he was a pioneer of this genre in my opinion, a real individualist with an innovative spiritIf you are not a fan yet, you might become one. Two singles from the early 80s are also released, let's see where I have both. Stay tuned, I'm sure I still have one more...  

Sunday, March 08, 2015

V/A - Happy On Your Side 1992

Last for today and I leave you with this nice garage/low-fi punk compilation by the German label Orgasm Records. The home of Der Durstige Mann and other rowdys. On it a very good cross section of rare demos, outtakes and remixes. I remember that this album was requested by someone, but cannot remember his name. Well anyway, the desire is hereby fulfilled. Musically is everything top here, real punkrock would I say how anyone can play it. Heavily distorted, partly cellar sound and many tracks released here for the first time. So Happy On Your Side is a nice title and the créme de la créme of the inflamed genre to do the honors.

1.Von Anfang An - PART TIME PUNX
2.Schrumpfkopf - DER DURSTIGE MANN
3.Rancid Hell Spawn - RANCID HELL SPAWN
4.Unbelievable Kind - PART TIME PUNX
5.Sponger (Disappear) - LACK IS KILLING MUSIC
6.Kronprinz Rudolph's Letzte Liebe - DER DURSTIGE MANN
7.Happy On Your Side (Rough Version) - MARTINA
8.San Francisco Bay (Instrumental) - ERIC HYSTERIC
9.Some Like It Harde - THE ZARJAZ
10.Nordsee - PART TIME PUNX
11.Lonesome Town - LACK IS KILLING MUSIC
12.Excess Is Never Enough - RANCID HELL SPAWN
13.Vampirmädchen - DER DURSTIGE MANN
14.Happy On Your Side - MARTINA
17.Mädchen Vom Anderen Stern - DER DURSTIGE MANN
18.Local Girl - T. WAYNE WILSON
19.Arm Wie Eine Kirchenmaus - PART TIME PUNX
20.Ferne Länder Seh'n - DER DURSTIGE MANN
21.Bird On A Wire - ERIC HYSTERIC
22.Der Flachspüler - RALF LEXIS
23.Irgendwann Ist Alles Vorbei - PART TIME PUNX

Friday, March 30, 2018

V/A - Trotzdem Süß! 2018

Und jetzt wieder ein weiterer selbstgemachter sampler mit reichlich rarem deutschen PUNK Zeugs der sich sehen lassen kann, emotional & wütend, direkt aus dem Herz gehaun. Zusammengeschnipselt von 7Inches, tapes, vinyl und anderen Quellen die sich auf meiner Festplatte finden, benannt nach einem Ausspruch meiner geliebten Perle, selbstgezimmerten Artwork und in den Jahren 2015 - 2017 entstanden, jetzt erst fertig weil das cover stets dauert. Keine Danksagungen weil es sind eh immer die, die es immer sind! Das Dingens ist jetzt der vierte Teil in dieser Form und all diejenigen unter Euch die hier am Ball sind werden die anderen drei finden. Ich denke, die Auswahl kann sich sehen lassen, gesunde Mischung sowieso und solltet ihr was zu sagen haben, nur zu. - Part IV of the series 'Rare German Underground', everything's planted by myself and my true followers will find the previous three, much taken from rare 7Inches, tapes & vinyl which slumbered deep on my hard disk... enjoy the music!

1.Von Leeren Herzen - EKG
4.The Only Way - WOMBELS
5.Roxy - SPOONS
6.I Want To Be A Kid Forever - ERIC HYSTERIC
9.Absoluter Stillstand (Live) - NOTDURFT
11.Hey You - STAIRS
12.Der Mod - KEROSIN
14.Hundepogo - SKORBUT
15.Freundliche Terroristen (Live) - FRAUEN & TECHNIK
16.EinwegLeben - CHAOTENCOMBO
18.Heute Noch - HERMANN'S ORGIE
19.I Love You - KIDBOX
20.Die Bullen - ABGAS
21.Das Tier In Mir - BÖHSE ONKELZ
22.Sweet Jesus - LOVE A
23.Thinking Of You - MONOCHORDS
24.Cool Me - TEMPO
25.Es Gibt Etwas (Live) - MESSER
26.Essen, Ficken, Fernsehgucken - LULU & DIE EINHORNFARM
27.Stacheldraht Sinfonie - ABFALLBESEITIGUNG

Saturday, September 09, 2017

V/A - Bloodstains Across Hessen 2017

Welcome to a special Bloodstains compilation, the first by a state in the heart of Germany. It's Hessen, the beautiful country where I live and it's full with rare stuff from the period 1981 to 1995. Twenty-four raw and essential punkrock blasts which show that really good bands made very good music and it's time to appreciate this with this slab. I hope you enjoy as much as I do and maybe a second one will follow.

2.Arbeitslos - DIE KINSKIS
4.Glücklichmensch - FISHKICKS
5.I Hate The World - VOMIT VISIONS
6.What Can We Do? - MANIACS
7.Superstar - DIE CRACKERS
9.Wenn Sie Kommen - BILDSTÖRUNG
10.Chauvi - VØLXFRØNT
12.Straßenkampf - JUNGE FRONT
13.Bruno Baumann - BÖHSE ONKELZ
14.Krankland - WOCHENSCHAU
15.Diese Welt (Live) - ELEND
16.Der Bauer Schweigt (Live) - SPORTSGROUP
19.Nazi Baby - KACKTUSSE
20.Fool Around - ERIC HYSTERIC
22.Fuck Off Pessimism - RESULT OF BOREDOM
23.Titten - KONG DONG
24.Positiv - DIE KINSKIS