Friday, 22 October 2021

AUSBRUCH - Träume Von Gestern EP 2015

Pretty stormy today, and just as rushing is the following EP which came via Twisted Chords, and they released this little dittie in 2015 and the first 100 copies came in green vinyl and you can listen to the eighties compilation songs by Ausbruch from Aachen/Geilenkirchen. The band didn't receive strong response like many other German Punk bands at that time, probably because their songs offered little variety and constantly played the same rhythm. Of course, you can deal with that opinion but I mean, Punkrock is simple and must have a certain standard and Ausbruch prove this 100% and lyrically they come across clearly. The makers of the EP recognized that and with this little homage they bring us the rare songs of the four back in an attractive dress. Fazit: nice nostalgia packed with five anecdotes!

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