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Thursday, 30 May 2019

AUSBRUCH - Harte Zeiten 1985

Freshly ribbed and now on the blog, it can go fast sometimes. Harte Zeiten was Ausbruch's first album, originally released on Roof Music in 1985, reprinted via Rude Records in 1989 and sold out on vinyl ever since. Ausbruch from Geilenkirchen and Aachen were founded in 1981 under the name "Sparmaßnahme" by Gerd (vocals), Günther (guitars), Hansel (bass) and René (drums), which was based on their sparse equipment and the fact that no one of them could ever play an instrument before. A year later, the group renamed Ausbruch. By winning a band competition of the rock factory in Übach-Palenberg, the group was able to visit a recording studio and recorded there five pieces which found the way on the legendary compilations: Hardcore Power Music Part 2 and We Don't Need Nuclear Force (both on Mülleimer Records). The group got a contract with the Bochum label Roof Music and released their debut album Harte Zeiten and has fourteen songs that are classic 80s German punk, and the first press is hard to find nowadays. Great mid-tempo punk numbers with great melodies, catchy songs and great choirs. Between the political issues of the time, always current content and the obligatory drunksong (Ich Bin Voll). In addition to twelve German-language songs, "Harte Zeiten" already contains two English songs, a way the eruption should then consistently continue. The second album "Auf Alte Zeiten" (recorded in 1989, but only published posthumously in the mid-90s) is already predominantly English-speaking and after the release the group broke up. On 20 and 21 November 2015, two reunion concerts took place in the Rover Aachen in original cast, which were distributed due to the high demand on two evenings. Since then Ausbruch give more or less regular concerts in Germany, which are announced on their Facebook page. At the end of 2016, a new record (Zahn Der Zeit) was released, which is available on Twisted Chords 2017.

Friday, 22 October 2021

AUSBRUCH - Träume Von Gestern EP 2015

Pretty stormy today, and just as rushing is the following EP which came via Twisted Chords, and they released this little dittie in 2015 and the first 100 copies came in green vinyl and you can listen to the eighties compilation songs by Ausbruch from Aachen/Geilenkirchen. The band didn't receive strong response like many other German Punk bands at that time, probably because their songs offered little variety and constantly played the same rhythm. Of course, you can deal with that opinion but I mean, Punkrock is simple and must have a certain standard and Ausbruch prove this 100% and lyrically they come across clearly. The makers of the EP recognized that and with this little homage they bring us the rare songs of the four back in an attractive dress. Fazit: nice nostalgia packed with five anecdotes!

Sunday, 30 November 2014

V/A - We Don't Need Nuclear Force 1985

Another important but small German punk label was Mülleimer Records from Stuttgart which put out some very good records from 1981-1986. Bands like Chaos-Z, Boskops, Normahl, Herbärds, Inferno and Maniacs, etc.. were thus known and this piece I think is the only international compilation on MR. The first pressing contained a strictly limited bonus EP and is much sought nowadays. A little review brings the sound to the point: "A pretty good world sampler featuring mostly previously released material that falls under the ranks of punk, hardcore, and post-punk. Some of the talents in the limelight are BOSKOPS, VARUKERS, TOXIC REASONS, RATTUS, WHITE FLAG, BRISTLES, and many others." - Martin Sprouse (from Maximum Rocknroll #36, May 1986) 
A good start for Sunday hopefully tonight ends with 3 points.

2.Cross To Bear - UPROAR
3.God Bless America - TOXIC REASONS
4.Warheros - BRISTLES
5.Addicted To The Night - MANIACS
6.Ticket To Moscow - WHITE FLAG
7.I've Got A Picture - AUSBRUCH
8.Boskops - BOSKOPS
9.1984 Part II - BRISTLES
10.Deutschland Brennt - AUSBRUCH
11.Victims - APPLIANCES
12.Cross Dogs - WHITE FLAG
13.Feministi - RATTUS
14.Seek & Destroy - VARUKERS
15.Doctor Moreau - HHH
16.Atomkrieger - NORMAHL
17.Wehr Dich - AUSBRUCH
18.Jede 7 Sekunden - BOSKOPS
19.Can't Get Away - TOXIC REASONS
20.Blood Money - VARUKERS
21.We Have The Right - VARUKERS
22.Medley - RATTUS


Saturday, 18 March 2017

V/A - Hardcore Power Music Part 2 1984

A rainy Saturday here and I am fit again after this hard week and as announced now the second Part Ultra Hardcore Power, whereby hardcore is slightly exaggerated. Ten bands, fifteen songs and an absolute increase to Volume 1. This compilation is packed with 85% unpublished stuff and convinced with many renowned German bands and in my opinion one of the most important D-Punk records, again via Mülleimer released, comes with a small Insert and partly in colored vinyl. A must have!

1.Unterwegs In Sachen Selbstmord - RAZZIA
2.Kämpf Um Dein Recht - AUSBRUCH
3.Thema S - INFERNO
4.Den Nächsten Krieg Gewinnt Der Tod - KOMMANDO SCHWARZER FREITAG
5.Wir Haben Was Zu Sagen - MANIACS
6.Samstag Nacht - IDIOTS
7.Bundespräsident - LUSTFINGER
8.Alkoholkonsum - SCHLUCKSPECHTE
10.Ein Tag Im Schatten - INFERNO
11.Weltkrieg - MANIACS
12.Deutscher Eid - AUSBRUCH
13.Verweigerung Total - TIN CAN ARMY
14.Kreuz Oder Kopf - RAZZIA
15.Zuviel Ist Nicht Genug - MOTTEK
16.Diese Stadt - MANIACS

Friday, 18 December 2015

V/A - What Doesn't Hurt Us Makes Us Stronger 1985

Friedrich Nietzsche adage "That which does not kill us makes us stronger!", a wise sentence I believe. So reason enough for the Berlin label Destiny Records to bring out an excellent compilation with this quote. Of course here many Berlin bands are represented together with the Ami fraction which ensure at that time for furore and the divine hardcore punks from Pisa. Partially goodies on it which can only be found here but most of them are on the bands own records or released as 7inches which are also difficult to obtain in these gray days. The first pressing comes with title in golden letters, my copy. The repress was with white. Offensive music for offensive people, not grow weary.

1.No Words - C.C.M.
2.Build It Up - PORNO PATROL
4.Pluto - THE REST
5.Born To Die - MDC
6.I Need A Crime - C.C.M.
9.Salute The Survivers - MANIACS
11.Yes Ma'am - D.R.I.
12.Kleptomaniac - MDC
13.Sohn Gottes - INFERNO
14.Warrior - MANIACS
15.Bout Me - THE REST
16.I'm Using You - THE REST
19.Terminal Of Fun - C.C.M.
20.Zukunftsvision - INFERNO
21.All The Aces - MANIACS