Saturday, 23 October 2021

FORD'S FUZZ INFERNO - Deniers Of Fuzz Will Be Executed EP 2021

So dear folks, brand new stuff from the Waste environment and I already warned you that the follow-up band of Hans will record explosive material and today the wait is over and I can tell you: Simply Brilliant! A bit basics: "don't you just love these awesome punk tunes?! Then singalong with Mister Hans (vocals/guitars) and Mister Patrick (drums/guitars) and bang your fucking head to their lyrics, mostly about your stupid, hypocrite, pseudocorrect parents and all those other mindless consumers who have messed up our planet and now blame others. Fuck Them!" This is the announcement of Ford's Fuzz Inferno. They have recorded some totally awesome, completely fuzzed-up, ultra crushing punk nuggets for you and if any neighbor should complain, hit him on the skull with the plate. A review: “This is immediately catchy and likeable, proving you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make something great. There is a timeless quality to these songs, and each concentrated capsule of punk joy sounds like it could have been written any time during the last fifty years. Highly recommended.” (MRR #461 - Oct. 2021) - I can hardly add anything to that, fantastic record from a combo that knows how to express itself brutally and implement this in an excellent sound. Fucking Great! B.T.W., a second EP will come soon, the release date is 17th January 2022, and you can already pre-order this via their bandcamp page. ūüé∂ūüéłūüé∂

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