Thursday, 21 October 2021

HEY TAXI! - I Hate Dogs EP 1980

Your special attention again deserves this fantastic rare three song EP by Hey Taxi!, a three piece from the East Side which was released 1980 on Mystic Records (1000 copies) and was emailed to me yesterdayAmazingly, there is detailed information on the www that I can only recommend to anyone interested, click me, and I would like to quote a small excerpt from it, here we go: Hey Taxi! is another exciting group on the East Side scene, one that you should experience for yourself. The group does nothing unusual in way of clothing or hairstyles, but Hey Taxi! is visually stunning- intense in nature, fast paced, but somehow not monotonous or tiring. The presentation is often ironic and overtly sexual, but on a higher level than the crotch-rock of so many bands. The music of Hey Taxi! has thought, emotion and a very definite twisted view of life expressed in the poetic lyrics of lead singer Michael Ely. The frantic textural sounds of guitarist Spider Taylor are brought together by raw, aggressive musicians John Taglavia on bass, drummer Louie Dufau and Marc O on synth. These guys not only play well together, they interact with the audience and are fascinating to watch. The (hard)core of Hey Taxi! has been around for a long time, and their repertoire is diverse. This is a cutting edge group, a not-so-straight-ahead punk assault, with influences from Bowie to Baroque. (TYPARTY.COM) Also represented on a few compilations, most of them unofficial. TOP!!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

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