Wednesday, 3 March 2021

DISASTER AREA - Die On Your Board 1986

In 1979, the later members were in the process of developing their skate skills on the concrete surfaces of the Berlin district of Märkisches Viertel, known as the ghetto. A trip to London with the Berlin Skate Club led to contacts with the punk scene. This resulted in the connection between skating and punk music for the band. In the winter of 1980/81 they began to rehearse as C&A (Chaos & Turmoil) in a boiler room. Under this name they played their first concerts with the Suurbiers (from which Die Ärzte later emerged) and die deutsche Trinkerjugend. In 1984 they were inspired by the "Loudest Band in the Universe" appearing in the series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and renamed themselves Disaster Area. In the same year they produced two tracks for a split single with the band Die Schlimmen Finger on the Berlin label Pogar. The debut Die On Your Board was created in just three days 1986 and after a record review in MaxiMumRocknroll, the band received more and more concert inquiries. In 1987 Disaster Area played for the first time at the skate contest in Münster, where they appeared regular since then. In 1988 the second album Back From The Reservation came out and is stylistically more influenced by hardcore punk. The song 'Skate Tonight' from the first single was also newly recorded. In 1988 Oli suffered an eardrum injury from feedback at the Skate'N'Roll Festival and left the band. Frusti became the new drummer, and Norman joined as second guitarist. In 1989 they took part in the Berlin Senat Rock Competition and made it to the finals.

In 1990, the third album Cut The Line came through Bonzen Records and the Ox wrote at the time: “Germany's Skate Punk Band No.1". This was followed by a tour with the Badtown Boys and a live album, recorded at SO36 in Berlin. Norman switched from guitar to snowboard and Domi became the new guitarist. Shred Ready is the band's fourth album and for the first time, metal borrowings were clearly heard in the music. The guitarist received a postcard from Marty Friedman of Megadeth with the words: “It Rocks! The fun of the Ramones with cool lead guitar, too. Keep up the good work! ". In 1994 Disaster Area played as the opening act for The Offspring and in December the same year made a ten-day tour through ten Berlin concert halls to mark its tenth anniversary. In 1996 Domi switched to the metal band Orth and Disaster Area continued as four piece. The new songs became much more melodic and the Powder EP was released the same year. The next album Slam Section was released in 1998 on the metal label Noise Records by Karl Walterbach. At the end of a tour with CIA (Ex-Slime) and several concerts with Millencolin followed. In 1999 Tom, who had previously played in Mr. Ed Jumps The Gun joined the band. Tom already knew Disaster Area back in 1984. He had played guitar on the split single for Die Schlimmen Finger. A tour with California punx The Line followed and for the 20th anniversary of the band the last album Forever was released.

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