Tuesday, 2 March 2021

BIZEX-B - En Våldtäkt I Vinyl 1983

Second album by this four piece from Gävle on Rebel Records, pressed in 300 copies but most of the vanished in a fire, so if you own the original record you have a small treasure. The debut Vi Lever! was astonishingly solid and these seventeen songs spray refreshingly out of the speakers so that the band decided to split up before the release. Bizex-B was formed 1980 inspired by the punk revolution, they immediately caught attention to the local scene. The bandname was never intended as any kind of sexual statement. "Bizex" was just a joke that made fun of the traditional Swedish "dansband" Wizex (very bland & popular). "B" stood for "bössa", the local slang for playing fast or having a ball (or both). Bizex-B was, by all standards, exceptional and an unforgottable experience. Punk poetry in motion and good, clean fun. The world has rarely seen anything as radical. All songs here were recorded nonstop at a chaotic session that lasted only eight hours before producer and recording engineer called the session to a halt. One of the members of the band reputedly was so drunk that he, still today, hardly remembers the recordings at all... In 2007 the band came back together, played some gigs, mainly in the Gävle region, and released two more records.

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