Saturday, 9 April 2016

DIE SUURBIERS - Kein Mann Für Eine Nacht 12'' 1985

Berlin based punk, Die Suurbiers have been around for ages, some of their members went to such bands as Die Ärzte and Die Tote Hosen. One of the first bands in Germany to produce what later many describe as "FunPunk". But don't let that tag scare you, because these guys be punks as anyone! The band were founded in 1981 as Frau Suurbier and should appear as a kind of clan (as same as the Ramones). So the three members called Cäpt'n, Hans and Tom Suurbier. The bands name was taken by a sketch from Otto Waalkes and musically they played a cool punk/rockabilly style with funny lyrics. They wanted to be as far away from the Berlin punk scene and bring in a simple and direct style their music to the people. In 1982 their first songs appear on the newly founded Berlin label Schnick-Schnack (later Vielklang), which was founded by members of the band Panzerknacker AG, compilation Ein Vollrausch In Stereo – 20 schäumende Stimmungshits. The publication of the sampler was celebrated with a boat trip on 11.May 1983 under the theme "Stimmung – Im Vollrausch LIVE An Bord" and the trip was great, but for the organizers of the label a costly success, because the guests put the steamer almost in ruins. 1985 the band's only album, a 12'' was released on Weser Label with five poppy punk tunes. In that same year, the band decided to enter the beer market and were owner of a small private brewery. The beer called Suurbier and was given to the people on gigs in 0.33-liter cans. In 1991 the band released their last record with a new line up: Cäpt’N, Bugs, Honkytonk & Overnight Suurbier called 'Zwei Boys Für Jedes Girl!' Then for personal reasons the band disappear. Beautiful record which deserves a chance!!!! Amen!

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