Sunday, 10 April 2016

MONO - Sisch Doch Nur Äs Märli 1982

Start Sunday with a rather unknown and obscured band from Zurich: The MONO released a great EP in 1981 and a year later their only full length Album at Monokel Records. And the Swissmen present ten talented punk rock anthems in their charmin' Zurich dialect. This is an absolute rare album today and it's very hard to find. I'm searchin' a long fuckin' time to get this copy, believe me. I think 1000 copies were pressed. The pauses between the songs are constantly filled with different noises like birds chirping, strange talks or other similar obscure stuff. Like little intros, very very amusing. The cover artwork is held in very nice, colorful and with a great booklet inside (but I'm too lazy to scan it) and the band has probably paid enormous sums of money and then they went to the employment office. Maybe their neighbor kids have done all the drawings because in Switzerland you help each other. Who knows?, hahaha.... I wonder why they not on the Definitiv Zurich compilation... hmmmmm, anyway, a brilliant album that deserves attention and I know I get surely yours.