Sunday, 10 April 2016


Founded in the suburbs of Paris come the french punk band La Souris Déglinguée (LSD), built around the singer Tai-Luc in 1976 and they still active. They were brilliant in their music style from punk rock to sixties, Oi! to dub through rap and rock and roll and the lyrics theme runs from Vietnam to the red suburbs. The first concert of LSD was 1979. Their first single is funded by friends. Muzo joined LSD in 1983 as saxophonist. The group is constantly innovating and does not hesitate to build bridges with other musical styles. This is their first album which was released by New Rose Records and is a pretty example for different music stuff, mainly here is punk the sound. They are the pirates of punk rock, being francization, they are known in the seedy clubs of the capital city, then they stormed Orléans and the scenes of the deep province. Fifteen songs and I promise you will not regret it - Prost!

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