Thursday, 4 March 2021

WEICH! - Engelsruh 1996

A bit of nostalgia comes over me with the next record and the year it was released was one of the best in my earth years to date. Time for a further local combo and therefore I would like to present you one of the most likeable people, nice contemporaries and steadfast drinkers and famous for their funny performances. From Frankfurt for you I proudly present: Weich! (Cheers!!) and I had a lot of fun with Witsch (bass), Packo (drums), El Carsto (guitar) and Fopper (guitar) and this is their only release and they've taken out a small masterpiece. Decent German punk with funny lyrics, partly sung in English and accompanied by aggressive fast, rough and wild noises - sounds like a record of the 80's. The album is named after a street here in Frankfurt, if anyone is interested. Also worth mentioning the terrific artwork where everyone can see already that the band takes life not too seriously. Many wet gigs were played and it was always big fun with lots of beer until dawn. Their message is clear: Have Fun! And that's exactly convey the fantastic four with this album. They broke up in 1999, I think. Fopper moved away to Karlsruhe, Witsch plays today in the ska combo Friendly Fire. So enjoy this firework with massive hits.

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