Sunday, 15 July 2018

HERBÄRDS - Eu! Se Bois 1983

The Herbärds were founded 1982 in Stuttgart by Jörn (bass), Moppel (drums), Oimel (guitar) and Tek (vocals). They originated from the oi/punk band Total Kaputt, which Oimel founded at the turn of the year 1978/79 and in which Jörn already played and the Herbärds are considered one of the first German Oi! bands. 1983 they contribute two songs on the Ultra Hardcore Power compilation and shortly thereafter they released their debut album Eu! Se Bois on Mülleimer Records (007) and the songs were recorded on one day live in a small studio near Stuttgart with lots of beer and good mood. On the second day a song was mixed as a basic setting, a few effects of a noise plate to it, plenty of beer and the recording was done. During this time they played many live gigs, especially in southern Germany. On small punk festivals and some together with the friendly punk band Normahl. But also with sizes like Cockney Rejects.

In 1984 Micha joined a saxophonist and extended the previous oi-punk with ska influences and 1985, Micha, Jörn and Moppel got out and Willi came in on drums and new bassist Timo. One year later the second album Wakos appeared on Rat Records. Shortly thereafter the musical direction changed again and the band renamed themselves first in Balzer Ross and then in Overload. 1987 singer Tek had a serious motorcycle accident in which he lost a leg and the band paused after this shock. Two songs Wir and Goldfieber appeared on the first Tollschock compilation on Pedder's label Skan Productions in 1989. Ein Kurzer Augenblick followed on the second part of the Tollschock series. All three songs Tek played with friendly musicians, under the old band name Herbärds. 1999 Oimel and Tek decided to provide the Herbärds with fresh wind again. They were supported by Macke on bass and Rolf on drums. In 2000 the third album Wir Sind Zurück was released on Teenage Rebel Records and Eu! Se Bois as CD with black cover. There were also live concerts in Stuttgart and Freiburg. 2017 then the live comeback, as part of the book presentation with exhibition: Wie Der Punk Nach Stuttgart Kam.

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