Sunday, 26 June 2016

V/A - Der Tollschock Sampler 1989

This one's for Uncle Joe by request and I own the record for a long time but it's one I must sell off, needless to say why. Well, this is one of the first releases of Pedder's (R.I.P.) label Skan Productions which he founded end of the 80s and there are not many stuff published there but a few bright moments and this first compilation is one of them. More than half of the songs so far unpublished and the fourteen tunes are a healthy mix of Oi!, Punk and Psychobilly and a beautiful ballad on the end. Cool title, nice artwork and all lyrics/infos inside.... needs to be hear loud!

1.Ein Freund - DAILY TERROR
3.Mainz Geht Unter - SPRINGTOIFEL
4.Perversitäten - FORESTER
5.Kellergeister - DIE KELLERGEISTER
6.In His Chamber - BOGYMEN
7.Der Typ Mit Dem Messer - BECK'S PISTOLS
9.Land Unter - BECK'S PISTOLS
10.Goldfieber - HERBÄRDS
11.Radioactive Stomp - BOGYMEN
12.Atlantis Träume - FORESTER
13.Hey Braunschweig - DAILY TERROR
14.Don't Hold It Against Me Forever - AURET CEDU

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  1. killer compilation! a true classic!! thanx again for this