Tuesday, 28 June 2016

WAYWARD SKYLABS - Think About It EP 1981

Moving to Scotland and visit a short-lived combo from Dumfries (south Scotland) that played Mick's Club in Carlisle a couple of times. They recorded the Think About It EP at Northrock Studios in Carlisle early 1980 on the Noisy Campers label. This rare piece of plastic is a four track low-fi killer record which deserves the name kbd more than other useless shit and is surprisingly extremely melodic, especially the bass drives the rhythm forward and at last great lyrics. There's a lot of infos in the file from one member of the band and I can't say where I have found this. Anyway, you can find them on the England Belongs To Me #2 compilation and this only record is a nice litte gem from the Anti-Brexit area. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks a lot for this one.Have a nice week and about Spain Football team ....nothing to say but ....disastrous match, Shame on them (or whatdoyoucallit haha).Good luck to Germany :I think that Germany vs Italy is the true Final even though it will be in quarters.....(what a strange Eurocup....Iceland....LOL)

    1. Yeah, really incredibly Icelanders, but they played an effective match and England is no tournament team, the curse from 1966 is still alive... Spain had chances but Italy was clever, will be hard against them on Saturday but the Germans win...