Tuesday, 28 June 2016

TÜNAY AKDENIZ & ÇIGRIŞIM - Meselâ, Mesele! 7'' 1978

Well, let's get a bit exotic with this one. This combo has released their first record in 1970 and I can't tell you really much more where there from and what they doin' yet. They certainly a typical 70s rock band but this record, as you can see on the cover, is written as punkrock, well, it's not the punk I and we know but the a-side is a real earwig, starts with a 'cowboy' guitar & it blows me after listen to the first tone and the sound quick turnes into a decent melodic punk/hardrock tune and I'm immediately impressed and can play this again & again..... pulls really my pants off, where are you girls? The flip is a bit different and goes more into the so called krautrock theme, comes not bad because the turkish voice is awesome. I mean, I know Turkish people here in my city and they're sometimes tiring but this tops everything. Anyway, I'm talk too much, fuck words, this is their fifth and last single, released via Pardon Records and check them in the www and enjoy eight minutes of serenity.


  1. Yes, I believe the first truly punk band to release a record from and in Turkey was The Headbangers from about ten years after this funny 7".


    1. Yeah I like the Spinners which I know from a Götterwind Tape end 80s, lost meanwhile... checke this damn cool EP: