Wednesday, 18 July 2018

BLANKER HOHN - s/t LP 1984

Late in the evening I present you a rare German Punk classic: Blanker Hohn were Oile (vocals), Frank (guitar), Thomas (bass) and Lorenz (drums) and were formed in Hamburg and belong to the German punk bands of the first hour but have never made it beyond an album, which was then released on the relatively unknown label Jax Pax Records. You can find them on compilations as well, for example on the 1985 EP Auf Tierfang Durch Die Welt Für Unseren Zoo with two tracks. Musically the four celebrate frenetic Hauruck music with serious profound lyrics. In 2003 was a CD compilation released via Elbtonal, Punks Ist Unser Hobby, with thirty three songs including some Raries and if you want to know more read an Interview with a click on kinkrecords. Enough for today, off to bed.


  1. Geile Platte, ich habe deren CD.

    1. Vielen Dank für das Kompliment. Erstaunlich das es nach 34 Jahren noch ´ne neue Plattenkritik gibt.

      Hauruck Oile