Monday, 31 October 2016

V/A - Auf Tierfang Durch Die Welt Für Unseren Zoo EP 1985

Let me finish October with a further highlight of German Punkrock. This rare self-released 7Inch compilation hosts three combos, two songs each, from the north of our beautiful republic. Starting with Blanker Hohn from Hamburg (the only band with an album on Jax Pax Records) with awesome quake sound and a damn nasal voice, lovely. Die Erben, also from Hamburg, come along with a female voice and brilliant lyrics which are food for thoughts, both excellent playin', lovely. And as third R.Z.Amok from Tostedt with two decent goodies which go pretty forward, musically as well as textually, lovely. In my opinion the latter both had deserved an album. Info for all collectors among you: this record is limited to 600 copies and comes in a double-sided fold-out info/lyric sheet - I slam me again, must become healthy, meet you tomorrow.

1.Linie 44 - BLANKER HOHN
2.The Solution - DIE ERBEN
3.Texte - R.Z. AMOK
4.Mind Police - DIE ERBEN
5.Machtmonopol - R.Z. AMOK
6.Essen, Trinken, Rauchen... - BLANKER HOHN


  1. Hello Michael
    I need another hard drive , you are posting such goodies
    PS : I have all the volumes of the back to front serie
    If you need , tell me.

    1. Hahaha, that's the same to me François. I partially delete some things which I no longer hear, I'm radical, haha.... thx for the offer but I have all volumes too..... Santé!

  2. please reupp this great vinyl... thx