Tuesday, 1 November 2016

V/A - Awup! EP 1990

One more gem with more unpublished songs is this little german compilation which was released on Unsere Kleine Welt Records. Three bands, three songs. First the Bonner Präservative which brings us a song of the advantage of using a hearing aid in a funny way. Next Walter 11, the band from the Spermbirds sphere, brings with 'Goodbye, Hans-Peter' a traditional farewell song for the best football Defenser which leaves the football club FCK to play in the italian soccer league, and is a truly punk pearl, and finally The Wombels with an absolute blast piece that describes how cops dressed in women's clothes waylay punkers in the park. One of the best songs by this awesome band (unfortunately, singer Steff died on 17.07.2015, R.I.P.) - All in all three cool punk anthems which should not be missed at any party.

1.Das Kleine Hörgerät - DIE BONNER PRÄSERVATIVE 
2.Leb Wohl, Hans-Peter - WALTER ELF 
3.Psychopath - WOMBELS

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