Wednesday, 4 July 2018

CORTEX - Spinal Injuries 1983

Cortex was a combo from Gothenburg and were active from 1980-1988. Front Figure and sole constant member was Freddie Wadling. He had a major role in the Gothenburg music scene and played in several bands, for example Perverts, Rukorna, Blue for Two (electro music), Lädernunnan (The Leathernun) and The Mobile Whorehouse. The band is today best known for the song 'The Freaks', who are featured in the film God Save the King. Cortex grew out from Freddie Wadling's former band Liket Lever and was called at first (from January 1980) Coma Jesus, but they quickly changed the name into Cortex. 1981 they released their first 7inch at Heartwork Records. The band was initially very punk-related but then more towards into a decent new wave sound. Today, however, the band counted as the most post-punk band. The band changed its constant members, and even their song material was wide. Cortex was initially on the label Heartwork Records, run by Henrik Venant in Lund during the first half of the 80s, but then switched to the Gothenburg-based Radium 226.05 label. Their legendary rare debut slab Spinal Injuries came out 1983 (recorded 1981) and offers ten cool punkish wave-rock-pop tunes, including the song 'The Freaks', their most famous creation. The band released a live album, plus two others, compilation songs (Abcess Exil m.fl.) and at the end of the 80s the band split up and has now cult status. Lovely piano, singalongs, fine guitars + great lyrics: A perfect Album!

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