Tuesday, 3 July 2018

A.B.H. & SUBCULTURE - The Oi! Collection 1998

Decent compilation from Captain Oi! Records, eight tracks from Lowestoft's A.B.H. and ten from Cambridge's Subculture. A.B.H. started in early 1981 with Pete (vocals), Chris (guitars), Nigel (bass), Tony (drums) and in the beginning they played easy covers of Damned and Sex Pistols tracks relying on speed and energy to substitute for ability and originality but even then they aspired to more. Quickly own pieces were written and interspersed in the gigs. Chris was replaced by Steven and this line-up remained for the rest A.B.H. Lots of Gigs were played and in July 1982 they recorded in Hillside Studios the first demo with four songs. One year later followed the second and these numbers had been written since the first demo and continued the proletarian theme and established sound. Problems had been building for some time and could no longer ignored; the band broke up at the end of 1983. Subculture originally formed in Cambridge in mid 1982 with a line-up of Better (vocals), Dean (guitar), Fall (bass), Matt (drums). Heavily influenced by the Cockney Rejects they made their vinyl debut on the "Oi! Oi! That's Yer Lot" compilation and then they secured a deal with Essential Records and issused the three track "Loud & Clear" EP (now a much sought after collectors item).
Have fun with the two and let's see what the three Lions are doing against Colombia.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -


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