Thursday, 5 April 2018

THE DAMNED - Machine Gun Etiquette 1979

I can save words to the next band, everyone knows them and everyone loves them and everyone hates them. Machine Gun Etiquette is the third album by the greatest surviving British punk band: The Damned and was the group's first since reforming with a new lineup of Dave Vanian (vocals), Captain Sensible (lead guitar), Rat Scabies (drums) and Algy Ward (bass) and the band became more experimental; without original guitarist Brian James, the songwriting was more democratic, resulting in a blend of punk, psychedelic rock and pop styles. Twelve awesome powerful tracks which belong to their best. A true Classic!!


  1. Clearly underated , I am sharing with them an obsession with psychedelia Their second Lp worthes a listen despite its awfull production

    1. I think so too, I'm just ripping the second now + it's really miles away from this one

  2. The 1st 3 Damned albums should be taught in schools, lucky enough to see the Damned in 79 playing MGE they were never better.