Friday, 6 April 2018

ANGRY RED PLANET - Little Pigs, Little Pigs 1987

Weekend's near and we welcome it with Angry Red Planet, a three piece + formed in Detroit in 1982 and the first slab was the self-released a EP called Too Much Knowledge Can Be Dangerous in 1983. Gawker's Paradise was the followup four song EP which was released by Touch And Go Records in 1985. After that followed Little Pigs, Little Pigs on their own Angry Red Records in 1987 and their last album Give 'Em Enough Dope...., again on Angry Red Records in 1989. During the 80's they played regularly in the Detroit area, as well as touring throughout the rest of the country. During its existence might have gotten more attention in Europe than in the U.S.A. Not only was the first album licensed in Germany in 1987 (“Little Pigs, Little Pigs” – but without the elusive silk screened cover the original pressing has) – German label Double A Records also released a so-so live album with recordings of the bands highly enjoyable 1988 Euro Tour. Like so many bands, Angry Red Planet had developed a rather twisted, noisy sound by the end of the 80s, when rock music (seemed) dead and on the floor. Give this two or three listens and you will start singing along, guaranteed. It’s about time somebody does this band minimal justice and re-releases the discography. I'm not sure where I found these wonderful words but they take over my useless ones, I heard them first on the brilliant Going Nowhere Slow and 10 Meter Ohne Kopf compliations and their music is quirky, innovative, original hardcore-punk… Just listen!


  1. gar nicht mal so übel, kenne nur deren zweite und die ist bißchen lahm gegenüber dem Debut.

    1. ich war auch nicht begeistert von Give'em Enough Dope, der Titel ist das Beste daran

  2. I'm from Detroit and our band used to play with ARP all the time. I think that they're the best Detroit punk band that ever existed. Super nice guys as well. And yeah, the EPs deserve rerelease!