Wednesday, 4 April 2018

NOISE - Små Röda, Lätta Regndroppar 1981

Only release by Swedens Noise on Svenska Popfabriken with ten multi-faceted spring songs. The usual suspects are: Kristian (vocals), Fredrik (guitars), Jan (bass), Allan (drums) and Mats (klaviatur) and previously two 7Inches appeared on Klooak, nowadays damn rare of course, plus two songs on the nice Svensk Pop compilation from 1979. I think somebody was looking for this slab and I totally forgot it. Well, who can wait is often rewarded. The lifespan of the band was probably short and historic accents they haven't left much into the punk world execpt three excellent unknown pieces with decent music on itNow quickly back to bed and a little doze. In three hours the duty screams!

- Great Thx to Donot -