Monday, 2 July 2018

NERDS - Peter, Paul & Carrie 7'' + 1 1991

I still have a quick one: the Nerds from Frankfurt were a three piece combo, Andi Social (vox/bass), Stephan (guitar/vox) and Felix (drums) and they released two 7inches via the Get Happy! label in the early 90s and I think of both 500 copies were pressed. The three played lots of gigs in the Rhine-Main area, especially in the Batschkapp they were a welcome act and with their powerful punk sound they always inflamed the crowd that it was a real pleasure. Wild, hectic and always catchy without end. Unfortunately never had so much attention that they deserved and so the band remained relatively unknown. Well, with a total of 1000 copies of both 7inches this was hardly possible or just not wanted and since I'm a dear contemporary, both are united in this file. Over & Out!

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