Monday, July 02, 2018

B.TRUG - Lieber Schwierig Als Schmierig 1982

And one more German punk slab from the fucking Rock-O-Rama (RRR14) label and this record comes from a time when the streets create the honest, pure & rough punk sound, far from the self-righteous politicay correct political incorrectness of later productions. Not only the uncompromising sound, but also the lyrics are absolutely authentic. B.Trug were Joe O. (vocals & bass), Jolly (guitars & vocals), Pit (guitars), Susi (drums) and came from the deepest heart of Bavaria, a region called Allgäu, they recorded fourteen solid mangy wild songs in the typical ror sound but the hardness can't cure properly because the sound is peculiarly leaky. According to punk-quality standards, the reason for the disappearance of the group could be mistreated. Too bad, since they have at least laid one of the last legitimate garbage punk classics (Frank Apunkt Schneider, Ventil Verlag 2007). In 2006, Teenage Rebel Records reissued the album. Enjoy this classic, I turn to the next knockout round, Belgium-Japan.

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  1. Charmant & Scheppernd, ein authentisches Tondokument.
    Vielen Dank hierfür :)