Tuesday, 23 February 2016

PERVERTS - Ronka EP 1979 + Nevergreens EP 1980

Active from 1978-1980 were this Gothenburg combo called Perverts. They released two awesome 7 inches on Dolores Records. Some info I found from the cool SwedishPunk site: "Lasse Dolores (bass) is probably the most important person for the Gothenburg punkscene. He was the one who imported the first singles to his magazine store "Dolores". So one day he found himself in a punkband: Perverts. The name was taken after a politican who said that "punks are perverted". Legendary BBC-DJ John Peel played their single "Ronka" (with Wadling on the one tone solo) who has to be one the most, if not THE MOST, classic punksongs ever in Sweden. Freddie Wadling (guitar) had a major role in the Gothenburg music scene and played in several bands, for example Cortex, Rukorna, Blue for Two (electro music), Lädernunnan (The Leather Nun) and The Mobile Whorehouse. Christer Blomgren (voice) today plays in Troublemakers." They featured on various compilations. Excellent KBD stuff!!!!

- Big Thx to Fredrik -


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