Wednesday, 4 July 2018

THE MONKS - Bad Habits 1979

This is a record I must listen twice before it gets me. Released on EMI, the Monks were an English punk band formed in the late 1970s, by former members of Strawbs - Richard Hudson, John Ford and Brian Willoughby, along with Terry Cassidy (vocals and synthesisers) and Clive Pierce (drums). The album spawned a number 19 hit single in the UK Singles Chart "Nice Legs Shame About Her Face". The song was originally a demo not intended for release and Ford later commented in Mojo magazine, that "it was a bit of a problem when it was a hit." They dabbled with 1930s style music in 1980 as 'High Society', before in 1981 returning to the pseudo-punk format of The Monks for a follow-up album released in Canada only called Suspended Animation. While the album failed to produce further UK chart success, the band were huge in Canada particularly and playing stadium gigs. 1982 the Monks were history. Read more about them by clicking thomasdarcymusic. Overall a nice album with a few hits and good guitars. The singer sometimes reminds me of Jefferson Turner/Cockney Rejects and the instrumental at the end is almost a beautiful piece of surf.

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  1. I had to listen this album thrice to appreciate it.They jumped into the punk bandwagon as the mighty Vibrators did but I really enjoy this record