Friday, 2 January 2015

ARAM & DIE SCHAFFNER - Zieh Nur Alleine 7'' 1984

This rare record was released at Sneaky Pete Records and is the only output from Aram & Die Schaffner. The band were founded 1981 in Düsseldorf, a few members played later in Die Toten Hosen and Aram was kind of a rag-tag combo to make music at all and gigs they had not much, of course they did not long exist. But this little piece of vinyl is nowadays on top in the lists of the sought-after plates, and certainly pressed in a small edition. Musically we have two solid punk tracks with a typical touch of the Düsseldorf sound like Mittagspause, KFC, ZK or Fehlfarben. Peter Hein, singer of Fehlfarben, founded Sneaky Pete Records 1984 in his hometown of Düsseldorf after he left the band. Features of the publications was that Peter used the phone number of his friends as catalog numbers of his publications and most bands on his label come from the Düsseldorf scene around the Ratinger Hof. In the late 80's Peter closed the label. So this two mid-tempo rockers are delicious and they had the potential for more.... Mörder!!!! Mörder!!!!!!

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