Friday, 2 January 2015

RIVALS - Here Comes The Night 7'' 1980

No wonder that this band is represented on several compilations, Cheap & Nasty # 1, Back To Front #3, Punk Rock Rarities Vol.1.....because their sound is hot and snotty, here's their 2nd one with two goodies. A bit info: The Rivals were an English punk band from Ramsgate, Kent and were active from 1976–1981. They released two 7inches on Ace Records. This here is their 2nd one with two cool tracks. Here's a reception about this record I like to use from wiki: "But it was 'Here Comes The Night' that attracted attention in London. Mike Read made it his single of the week on Radio 1 and Paul Burnett and John Peel were both enthusiastic about it. The scenesters were less unanimous. Some praised the record as 'a spirited version of the song that owes more to enthusiasm than expertise, but thankfully free of cliches and worn out platitudes', but others cited it as an example of 'how to ruin a good song using an ancient Pete Townshend guitar technique and a surplus of unharnessed exuberance', and yet others wished that the Rivals would get back to recording their own material. Nevertheless, for the listener today, 'Here Comes The Night' is probably the band's signature recording, sharp and bright, and the A-side is one of the most frequently anthologized punk obscurities of its time." Well, if you want some more info then click The Rivals. Superb record!

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